Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and happy Monday my weening warriors of wonder (weaving steadily beyond my annoyingly poor alliterative skills (Sorry, I’ve had A LOT of coffee)). How are you all on what is assuredly a day of 2017 (#VagueVictor), if all has gone according to plan – then your fruits are ripe, and your fields plentiful (are any of you farmers?) – should that not be the case, let Ol’ Man Verbiage alleviate your troubled mind.

Pieces (commonly referred to as- that thing our lives will slowly shatter into).

So, I’ve been doing some thinking (as I tend to do late nights whilst avoiding the reality of my cynicism) – mostly about the work we do (as per usual) and what really counts as training for our craft (painters included I guess).

Realistically speaking (at least for me) – most of the writing I do tends to fall in the throwaway pile. Not that it’s bad, sub-par, (soaked in urine?), or anything like that. As a matter fact most of it I quite enjoy – both in process and in reflection- however, some things simply do not make the final cut of this literary album that I’m putting together.

When confronted with this, I had a moment of subtle angst (SUBTLE!? You broke your phone).


“Yes, Ummmm…Subtle.”

I thought why am I wasting time on this, if it will inevitably be cast to the side for something more favorable-yes, I admit my original thought was much less eloquent (and way more profanity driven) – but the point of it rang true. It’s in these moments that we must stand up for our creative offspring, with the simple concession that EVERYTHING we do is a part of the macroscopic-view, and what we will eventually be remembered for building.

Think of a boxer, marathon runner, (competitive eater?), etc. They spend an enormous amount of time training -mentally and physically- for only a few moments of glory. In essence this is what we do as well (though we get to sit down for a goodly portion of it, I like to think that we work harder in retrospect #AlsoNoConcussions #HAHAHA). So for every one-off, blog post, short story, (kitty mittens?) – that make their way to the surface – think of it as time in the gym, preparing you for the moment of glory that will become your magnum opus.

Personally, I like to think of everything I produce as a vignette of sorts. Not only does it give all of the works value and a level of importance, but it allows for some creative bleed-over. 

Because I’m a sociopath, (and can never let go of anything) – this leaves the door open for the story to continue no matter how many times I’ve effectively “ended-it” (think Star Wars strategy).

Piggy-backing off of your own work may not be your thing – but you may find it useful to approach every work that you produce through these lens. That way you’re not simply awaiting your magnum opus – you’re constantly in the throws of it, (ergo, you become your magnum opus) – and that’s just a sweet way to live.

Alright kiddos, that’s all the news from the other side for today. I’ll see you tomorrow – for some more words in a language that will soon be owned by Trump’s copyright.

Go Sucker Punch Your Monday,

-Antwan Crump.


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