Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and Happy Friday my nonchalant crew of misfits. How’s the week been? If all has gone according to plan -then the Mariachi band that I’ve sent should be arriving……NOW!

*remembers he does’t know your address*

*laughs at the stranger who’s been awoken by singing stereotypes*

Anyway, let’s get to it. Beyond, (potentially the most underrated Star Trek movie of ALL TIME…but that’s just in my humble opinion. And as we know, my word is law. NOW DANCE! #Kidding #ButSeriouslyYouBetterBeDancing).

So, we’ve discussed the different versions of author that you will be once you’ve begun writing (or outlining, I guess – for the cowards) – to a pretty significant degree yesterday. Throughout my day however, it dawned on me that not many of you actually need to be informed on the varying archetypes of an author (besides there are WAY more than just three….I’m just lazy).

Since you’ve all most likely come to terms with the beginning, let’s talk about the part that no author deals with well at all -the ending. No, not the final chapter or the final word. I’m talking about Beyond the ending, (Do you like what I did there?).

As writers we tend to attract and surround ourselves with other creatives. Sure the actual process of creating is fun, and pretty much mentally taxing to the same degree, regardless of the artistic medium (although, (sorry painters) “TEAM WRITER FOR LIFE! THROW YOUR KEYBOARDS UP!)

*realizes that you’re unamused*

*continues as if it’s never happened*

What we all have in common, (as I finally get to the point) is our struggle with the aftermath of a completed work. Now though there are some coping mechanisms –*cough* liquor *cough* – these are rarely productive and can quite frankly delay your next artistic endeavor. My trick here, (unless of course you have something else lined up) – is to leave your respective “Bat-cave” for a spell, and catch up with the rest of the world.

We’re an imaginative, (yet isolated) folk, its easy for us to seek inspiration from within – but why waste that part of your talent of searching for your next attempt at masterclass?

Instead, why not go out, experience the world, experience people, (just stay away from the news – because apparently the world is a shit-box right now), etc. See and remember what it’s like to be a normal human being for a while, before putting the cape back on and returning to Gotham to fight crime. (Okay, I know that you all understand that metaphor – but seriously , does anyone else think that I have a Batman obsession? #DarkKnight #JokerLives).

To wrap this up, sometimes it’s important (once completing a project), to take a breather to see the world for what it currently is – whether that be on the macro or micro level. Even if you fancy yourself a loner – it’s always a good idea to expose yourself to everything that’s happening outside of your creative bubble – for the sake of your art, your health, and your sanity (that is to say, if you deem sanity necessary).

Alright kidos, that’s about the best you’re gonna get from me today. I hope that all of your projects, (forthcoming and otherwise) are going tremendously well – and if not, I know you’ll get there, (I mean, I did just give you the answers after all).

Don’t meet expectation.

Go Beyond It,

-Antwan Crump.

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