Seeking Utopia

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings my systematically sanctioned sociopaths. Happy Thurs -to the day- and how is everyone? Well, we’re winding down the end of October here and, (wait. WHAT!?)

*checks calender*

*wipes eyes*

HOLY!!!! MOTHER OF (“-the intended profanity is prohibited by the English language-“)

I’m still trying to get over how fast 2016 went by, (especially since we here in America are nearing the apocalypse #Election2016). On a lighter note, the end of this month also signifies that November will soon be upon us, (but not in the creepy Donald Trump/Billy Bush way). Subsequently, that means that you’ve all survived long enough (at least thus far), to bare witness to the digital release of my debut novel –Becoming Utopia.

Yes, that’s right kids – the novel that I’ve been (not so humbly) talking about for the better part of the year will finally be available for all of your eyes holes in just a matter of weeks, (as I still frustratingly ponder which cover to use). All in all, it came out to be something that I am rather proud of – and that I hope you all will download and enjoy reading (or play slow music as you dance with it by candlelight #WhateverYou’reInto). 

Now, being that I’m not a marketing aficionado, (like most prostitutes are – make NO MISTAKE – it’s prostitution) – I’ll simply say this – it’s a GOOD FUCKING BOOK! As the date draws nearer, I may publish a few pages here so that the sticklers in the bunch have something to raise a monocle up to (as they judge me with their cheese and wine.)

So what am I going to do as the days steadily creep to my imminent judgment, you ask? (You didn’t, but I’m gonna tell you anyway.) I’m going on VACATION BEOTCHES!!!!

That’s right, King Procrastination (as I’ve self-endowed), is going to be checking out the Windy City for a few days. If you listen to my podcast, then you know why (if you don’t then burn in hell……okay, okay, ….#justkidding. But for the curious, you can click here. Be warned – I use naughty language #NSFW)

Well, that about does it for now, I’ve got to finish packing, and catch my flight in

*looks at clock*

Holy –bleep-!!!!!!!

Got to go guys. The Writer’s Block Podcast (FROM CHICAGO) tomorrow, and the weekly Recap at some point within 48 hours after that. Until then *Batman voice* – “Look for my signal”.

*puts on cape*

*opens umbrella*

*Remembers that doesn’t work*

Bon Voyage,

-Antwan Crump.

*heads to airport*

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