Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Salutations and how goes it, my sporadically spastic story-weavers? Well, it’s Monday (again), so as we gear up for the uphill battle of the week – why don’t we begin aforementioned tyrannical “to-do’s” – with a tipping, (tippening?) from Señor page turner.

Future ( otherwise known as, that thing that you never actually get to.(think about it ) #Inception). So picture this – you’ve always dreamed of writing a novel, completing a collection of prose or poetry, (burning down your elementary school), etc -(we’ve all had these thoughts right?). You’ve done it and now are faced with one of two options. Plan another, or walk away forever (satisfied with your burgeoning pretention).

Well, let’s assume you’ve “gone for broke” , and decided to choose the hard path of a writer. First off congratulations, (this is the happiest moment that you will have for some time). Secondly, now you need a plan-

All too often creatives fall into these holes of thought. They complete a single project and see that as validation to give the next project as much time (procrastination) as humanly possible. Though it is important to give your mind some recovery time (post hassle of completion), it should be noted that the more time that you allow to pass, the more difficult it will be to re-climb that literary mountain.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to tell you to jump from one novel to the next without reprieve, (Hemingway did that, and he ended up going all Kabloo-wey). No – instead, put some stake and importance in remaining busy. The mental muscle of a writer is hard to build, and though rebuilding is notably easier – you then face the challenge of overcoming the initial doubt that all creatives are faced with.

Sidenote: Yes, that anxious feeling will remain at the start of every project. That wall appears higher with every momentary gap between actively writing. It’s best to have some semblance of a plan -moving forward (active plans are more open to your vulgar interpretation).

At this point, we get to the idea of the future. we’ve all made the mistake of not thinking enough -during in the interim of our writing. Just as I’m sure we’ve all looked back at the trial of writing as increasingly intimidating with each undecided second. (I could give you a rousing speech about how to get over this,but instead), Avoid the issue of “what’s next” altogether by plotting out some sort of blueprint

This doesn’t have to be anything more than you jotting down ideas throughout the day, (it’s a good practice to have anyway). By doing this -even though you are not writing in that exact moment- you’re keeping your mental stamina strong, your drive alive, and most importantly – your imagination as fertile as a farmer’s front lawn (I mean, short of using fertilizer. But, I’m pretty sure that doesn’t apply here).

Plan for your writing future. Future you will thank you for it. (Or don’t….Past me wrote this…. that guy’s a douche.)

Hope this helped, (if it didn’t, then you read it wrong). See you guys in the future for a post that’s destined to be the past.

Drop-Kick Your Monday,

-Antwan Crump.

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