Recap (W/E – 10/15)

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and happy Sunday my myopically menacing mob. How goes the weekend? If all has gone according to plan I hope that it has not be fraught with peril, (or has been- depending on whether or not you like that sort of thing). Any wozzle, before we dive into a new week of candid conversation – let’s start off by ignoring our therapists and indulging in the week gone by. Ladies and gentlemen, (and aliens?) – I give you the Recap.

1. ) We started the week off simple enough with a conversation on the issues of overpacking your story (or any other subsequently indulgent hobby). If you happen to be an overachiever looking to widdle down your undoubtedly “too wordy” masterpiece – may I suggest,  Excess.  At best it will help to get you through the “cutting the fat” process, (at worst, a demon will jump through your screen and sodomize your keyboard), in any case, you still get to see an abomination of a….. I wanna say –satan’s chicken burger?

2.) Next, we dive into The Bubble. The undisputed champion-post this week. Here we discuss the muses (and all of their musey ways)  – by way of learning how to discover them . “A moment of silence can provide you with a spark of brilliance”– if you like that quote than this post is for you – just click the blue words, (why do I keep acting like you guys don’t know how the Internet works?)

3.) For those of you worried about me missing a post day this week, this is why. I’ve been telling you guys for a while about the whole MyTrendingStories – here is the first in, (like LifeHack) will be a series of randomly released pieces. Solid site, (it could use some moderation, but it’s a good outlet). Check it out, won’t you? Just click the blue words, (Dude, seriously! THEY KNOW how to use THE INTERNET!!!).

4.) Penultimately , we returned to the blog (with several flares and a hangover) to give you VarietyThis post essentially caps the topical notion begun at the start of the week. For any of you interested in assimilating the vastness of your creative worlds into one SUPER-FREAKING WORD WORLD!!!! (that sounded cooler in my head) then this is the post for you.

And finally,

5.) We capped off the week, (as we’re somewhat forced to do) with The Writer’s Block Podcast. Join me this week, as I finally get some time to myself, enjoy a tad (a lot) of Brandy, and randomly rant about things that may be stuff. (This one’s a bit aimless, but it’s a good companion piece to this week’s blog posts).

Alright team, WE DID IT!!!! I’ve got to go charge my hybrid hamster-blender (Hambender? or Blendster?). I’ll be back tomorrow for a post, that also happens to appear on a screen. Enjoy the remainder of your weekend – and as always, try not to die.

-Antwan Crump.


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