Going Blank

*sips coffee*

*stares at blank screen*


Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and happy Thursday, my dark Darwinian delegates. I hope that no one’s panties are in a bunch over the introductory profanity. I was just hoping that you were paying attention -“BALLS!!!” – kind of like that. Can anyone tell that I’m kind of running on fumes yet? No, okay – you asked for it.

For those of you who are strictly writers of passion (or I guess just spectators), this may seem like a foreign concept – so bare with me- it will all make sense. (If it doesn’t just smile and nod so that the rest of the class doesn’t make fun of you.) For everyone who relates – back me up – because as you know , this sucks.

Now, I’ve spoken about writers’ block before. As a matter of fact, I have a whole podcast dedicated to it (#shamelesspromotion), “going blank” is not that- actually, it’s a lot less terriying – mainly because there’s generally a short-clock on it. Going Blank is essentially your brain’s way of shouting, “Dude!!!!! Take it down a notch, JESUS!!!!!”. And in response, it puts your creative juices in a time out.

Unlike writer’s block (which btw ….pssst, *whispers* “podcast“), – which generally shuts it all down, going blank- moves it just beyond reach. We can still see the muse – it still dances for us – it just recognizes that we don’t have the stamina to dance with it. So we’re forced to go blank as a means of subconscious self-preservation.

The key to dealing with this is not to fight it. You should be weary of forcing creativity from yourself. I get it if it’s your job – but the only way to truly recover is to allow your mind to wander aimlessly for a bit and regroup. Think of going blank as an involuntary fail-safe to refill your mental tank before it’s empty. It sucks, but again- it’s better than writer’s block.

So what are the causes? ( I know, I read your mind – “Using my trusty crystal pelican!”- Don’t ask….) Well, for my current situation I know for a fact that it’s mostly an existential thing. Life get’s stressful sometimes and the mind can simply need a mini vacation to keep us from going all #InsaneInTheMembrane. Fair enough. However, the causes can vary.

Personally, I’ve always been able to track the cause of my mental hiatus – but then again I’m prone to overthink, (I would not recommend overthinking). But, if you’re bored and feel the need to go all Sherlock Holmes – your best bet is to start with thinking about the last time you wrote, and work forward. The attributing factor usually lies in the interim of writing sessions (also, that’s why it’s a good idea to keep them close).

Well, that’s all the choppy info I’ve got for you today – I’m gonna go have a smoothie and stare at a wall.

The Writer’s Block Podcast #9 tomorrow,

Recap Saturday,

Blankly yours,

-Antwan Crump.



P.P.S. – “Y’all?”…..I’m such a douche. Later.

4 thoughts on “Going Blank

  1. It’s funny how writer’s block and the need to take a break often go hand-in-hand — when we over-exert ourselves, nothing good happens! Taking a break is sometimes the best way to fix it (but not too long, of course!).

    Thanks for sharing!

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  2. When I couldn’t write and went into a dry spell, I thought of it as a well running dry. Then once I got my stamina back it was back to pen and paper. My dry spells used to last for weeks or even months, now they only last hours or maybe a day.
    Practice may not make perfect, but it definitely builds endurance muscles.

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