Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Happy weekend, my terribly tainted tale tellers. Well, team – we made it. Finally, we can drown our sorrows in 48 hours of silent meditation. I’m just kidding, let’s get DRUNK. Alright, alright “responsibly”.

Aside from our imminent inebriation, this has been a boisterously tiresome, (yet pretty awesome) week. For those of you who missed it –

1.) I had a post published on #LiveWriteThrive , I didn’t choose the picture – but a solid article none the less. Feel free to click the hashtag to check it out.

2.) Drunkenly published Pt. 1 of a novella that I’m currently fiddling with. (Also you can just click “novella”, again feel free to check it out.

3.) Published, yet another (and increasingly popular) Writer’s Block Podcast. Third consecutive week – you what that means kiddies- Uncle Distillery’s in it FOR REAL!

and Finally,

4.) I’ve begun my 12-year plan to wed one Ms. #ScarlettJohansson. (Don’t judge me. #DreamBigOrGoHome.)

Besides 3 out of 4 ain’t bad.

Be good until Monday – try to not die.

-Antwan Crump.

3 thoughts on “Recap

  1. Congrats on being productive! By the way isnt Scarlett married already? Or is she single again? I thought she was in her second marriage but I am not good at keeping tabs on the celebs. Anyway good luck with the goal! 12 years is a while so you have time to scheme.😁 👍

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