Brick By Brick

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Good Morning and happy Monday, my creatively coveted cohorts. Did all of you make it back alive? (I guess if you didn’t you can’t answer. Oh well – forever follow- Bwah ha ha.) But seriously, have yourself a cup of coffee, and mentally soothe your (inevitably) anal woes with a post from, yours truly.

So, I imagine that all of you have been wondering “Hey! You over there with all these freaking posts! *Italian voice*, What’s a matta you, huh?!” I assure you that plenty is wrong with me,  however, none of which have to do with my literary ongoings.

As has always been a part of the plan (specifically mine), I’m building a conglomerate literary realm, based on my Road to the Mastery of the Craft.  This has been in action since this site’s inception, though I’ll admit it’s taken on various iterations since.

When I first began, in March, (I don’t count October- February, because let’s be honest…. I sucked) the idea was to share my experiences as I became an author with anyone willing to have the information. A few years out of college (and going through that particular “lost”phase), I knew what I wanted but not how to get there.

Of course, I did the standard. I asked my parents, older family members, old professors, hell – even my friends were floating around in the same turd bowl. (At least the ones who (much like me) kind of expected destiny to grab them by the taint and pull them toward destiny. #taintfetish)

Clearly, aforementioned universal fourplay was not in the cards for me. But I knew what I wanted. So, I researched. Long story short; I found blogging, podcasting, and eventually all of you.

The site began as a general journal (though reading my first post now, it’s more like the last days of Christ.) But, it was something. I wanted to be a writer. There, I was writing. Not long after it occurred to me that “If no one knows how the sausage is made, how the fuck are we gonna’ keep making sausage?” From there my direction was obvious. Instead of searching for what bridges the gap between desire and destination; why not be the bridge?

From there emerged the podcast, my short stories (because I’m still more writer than sherpa), and of course the ever popular “So You Wanna’ be a Writer.” saga. All of this to supplement my goal -publishing my novel, (and obviously many other works afterward). That’s in November. Again, sorry for the push back, but I REALLY NEED to see how this election plays out first. (Forgive me, and I’ll give you happy fun-time.)

It should go without saying, that I’m happy with how far I’ve come and excited for the future. (If it “should go without saying”, then why are you saying it, dick-brain?). I’m telling you this because I feel it’s important to touch base with you guys once in a while. To remind you, that I’m just a part of the gang -looking around, searching for destiny (and drinking obscene amounts of vodka).

If you ever doubt your own ability or feel weary from the constant “going’s on” of the world, just take a minute to reflect this thought – as long as something is happening, at least nothing’s not- (for all you people reading this on drugs, I apologize for blowing your minds).

My point is – be patient. A goal is nothing more than somewhere you’ll be when you’re ready. Keep working, keep living, keep building. Brick by Brick.

*Takes gentle bow*

*Carried off by Teradactyl*

“Ahh!!!! Water my plants!!!!!”,

-Antwan Crump.

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