Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Hello, everyone. No name calling today, (sorry for you weirdos turned on by that sort of thing). Besides, it’s the weekend – allow me to just share a thought or two that I’ve been ruminating on.

I had an odd epiphany today. Nothing drastic, nor life changing (although I suppose, time will ultimately tell). It was a thought about peace of mind. That seemingly ever-elusive muse that’s been missing from our popular culture.

That zen feeling, (I found) is not something to be chased. Rather it’s one of the many constants of life. That thought seems a bit foreign, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not.

I took a break from the booze, and a moment to reflect on myself. Like many people with that sort of paraphernalia crutch, I found the very idea laughable. “If things are this shitty when I’m not paying attention, then clearly my full focus could only present further issue”. At least that’s what I thought. Though I wasn’t entirely wrong, I did discover something that I had long forgotten was a part of me. The peace.

Quietly going about my day – I noticed nothing but the smooth sailing of my own thoughts. I swear I could have been shot and still cracked a smile. Strange; but worth noting.

My point is, that perhaps with all of the misery that waits for us each day – sometimes it may be healthy to re-teach ourselves to break away, and remember that all in all, it isn’t so bad. In fact, once you isolate your thoughts to yourself -if even for a minute each day- you’ll find that the world shrinks and with it, all of it’s problems. We just might be okay after all.

I’ll be a douche again on Monday, for now-

Enjoy your weekend,

-Antwan Crump.

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