Snowball Effect

(Photo Courtesy of – Dandruff. “Where will you, scratch next?”)

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Welcome back my damply drizzled deviants. Happy Tuesday and as always if you still have a pulse – it’s worth remembering that no one’s killed you. (Distasteful, but at this point – don’t you kind of expect that?)

Snowball Effect: Metaphorically speaking is a process that starts from an initial state of small significance and builds upon itself, becoming larger.

Thank you- Siri, (or Skynet. Whatever you prefer to be called before you inevitably enslave us all. #WeKnow).

The reason I’ve gotten all 90’s Almanac on you folks is because I’ve been reading, #humblebrag. Okay, that’s not really a brag – so much as it is a crucial part of my job- but still it bodes toward my topic, and you’d be interested in discovering that what I’ve been reading – is you!

That’s right. Ol’ Sir-Drinks-A- Lot has been stalking your pages. Who’s pages you ask? ALL OF YOU  (BWAHAHAHA!). Alright, like a baker’s dozen or so. I’ve had some free time and felt that with all the love that you guys have given me, it was my pleasure to reciprocate. And reciprocate I did (#alloveryourface), in the form of likes and follows.

Though I was mostly impressed, informed, and entertained – I noticed a common theme in a few of them -that has been haunting me. Aside from the arrogant ones (#mypeople), many of you touched on the idea of not knowing how to move forward. The uncertainty within some of your posts permeated through your writing. Though heartfelt and well done, I couldn’t shake some of the lingering pessimism. (Only like two of you should be that far leaning in your pessimism. Everyone else, buck up for Trump sake #inhisnamewestray).

Remember the game that you’ve volunteered for. Remember the countless hours pounding on your keyboard. Remember everything –that came in second- to you communicating to the world in the best way that you know how.

That was not for nothing and to think so for even a milli-second is an insult to your entire body of work.

Sure, there will be doubts. To some extent, we may even need those moments of doubt to help us to improve. Keep in mind – the only positive that doubt can bring to your evolution -is the moment in which you can defeat it and grow. Don’t dwell in it. Attack it. Attack it with the ferocity that Republicans attack immigrants (I’m not political, but come on – a fucking wall?).

Never forget why you do this. Every single move you make, every letter you type, every person you connect with – is a step forward.

Snowball Effect. Eventually, when you’ve built enough and strained to a limit that even you may not have thought possible – you’ll be an unstoppable force – gaining both size and momentum. But it all starts with a single snowflake.

Free yourself of that weakness. Better yet, don’t. Just be aware that it exists and let that be what pushes you forward. Some of us run fastest when we’re running away from something, others when they’re running toward something. Figure out what gets you running, and use it to your advantage.

Keep Writing,

-Antwan Crump.

P.S. – I’m totally doing that “Photo Courtesy of“, bit all week. Fuckin’ hilarious.

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