The Wall

( Photo Courtesy of : Bricks! Bite One! )


Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, my sumptuously idiosyncratic idioms. Happy Wednesday! As always if you’re exhaling – it’s a good day to die. What have You been up to? Me I’ve just been killing it on the keyboard, kicking ass and taking names. You know the most awesome part about me is the —–

I’m sorry. I don’t know what that was. The most awesome part about me is the————————-

The Wall- FUCK!

For those of you in the know (or perhaps not yet #YouMuggles), That was an example of the creative WALL. It always starts the same. On a high from a completed project, a connection that led to better things, an article that got a ton (relatively speaking) of attention – they all bring us here.

The questions arise. “What do I do now?” , “How do I imitate that?”, ” Is this what they like?”, “Where’s my voice?”. They bury you in their own insecurity. Such is the human brain (I’d imagine). However, this wall is merely a test. (Get your hammer.)

We fight it mentally. The actual method of defeating it – is by knocking against it. Over and over and over. Study what’s blocking you. Engage with it (possibly cuddle). You’ll learn more about yourself and how to handle the doubt that destabilizes you. That’s right kids. This is the Test of Writer.

When so many people claim a profession, a hierarchy is formed. Attention doubles on how much you are worth – or not. The wall is a barrier built by your own fear (instilled or developed). It tells you that you can’t do , what you’ve done. It tells you that what you’ve done must be repeated – and if not- must never be done again.

The wall must be taken down – every time it occurs. (Swing your hammer.)

Every brick (swing)…

Must (Swing)….

Fall (SWING!)…..

You break it down yet? Swing again for good measure.

This is not the arena for fear. You were not selected because you are weak. You were chosen because the strength in you is so apparent, that WE believe that you can break down that wall. Now, you believe it.

There is no stopping this story. There is no end to this saga. There is ANOTHER chapter – that will blow the eyes of its’ readers INTO THE ETHOS! You are WRITER, we prove that with every letter written.

Break down the wall.

Swing Bitches,

-Antwan Crump.

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