Money V. Craft

(Photo Courtesy of – That guy who almost dies in every movie.)


Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings my monetarily tethered miscreants, how goes it? I missed the weekend for several reasons- which I will tell you- in the story (I’d like to keep it unruined). If you’ve read Anticipation, there’s a nice wrap up to it here too. (Look at me, all continuous and shit.)

As per my evolving format, I’ll preface this with a tale that derives from one of my (many) mediocre encounters. *clears throat*

“Hey Antwan, a bunch of us are going to the movies.” Antwan calculates –$18 ticket, $15 on snacks, they’re probably gonna wanna do something arbitrary and stupid afterward.- my response “What movie?”

“Ninja Turtles, man!!!”. No. No, I will not, (not even ironically).

A lot of my conversations play out this way. My friends see it as me simply being too lazy to go out and do anything. Fair enough – aside from my blog- I generally dilute information about my life with useless detail, so who could blame them for the assumption. (That’s a whole other thing.)

On the flip-side of that, if the expense seems worth it (i.e. “Antwan we’re going to see Will Smith choke-slam a silver back gorilla. It’s only like $1,000 a ticket!”), then obviously FUCK YEA! Why am I like this? Life my friends; life.

At my age (26) I’ve lived enough life to be considered intelligent, but perhaps not enough to completely escape stupid. I have (as I assume most of you around that age) , learned to observe my impulses.

It’s not intellect. If anything it’s an ode to the broke college years. A time when five dollars could make a night, but for some reason, no one ever had five dollars. From this I took one simple truth – that it is current you, that must provide the capital for later you.

We’ve all been that person at one point or another. On our own, paying bills, living with the absence of what was our social life. Sad right? Actually, no. It may come as a shock, but the reason you felt you had no social life isn’t just because you were caught up in the rat race, but your friends were too.

So we’re all guilty of trying to take life too seriously (from what I can tell this feeling fades at about thirty- unless you have kids before then, at which point – you’ll never have the option of taking life lightly).  Again, that conversation is for another post.

So I’ve categorized what I should do, and what I must do. Simply put, ink is expensive, printers are expensive, laptops, keyboards, tablets, notebooks, pens, pencils, critiques, edits, contests fees, BLOG SITE fees, and of course books, on top of books, on top of books.

That wasn’t an arbitrary list. It’s a list of things that – as a writer- become essential to your progression. How would you feel returning from the movie theater (or wherever), you’ve had $60, spent $50 and when you sit at home ready to print something out – you realize you’ve run out of ink. Do the Ninja Turtles latest fiasco of a picture outweigh the importance of your craft? If so, you may be in the wrong profession.

Now, I’m not beating down fun here, I’m simply doing my job of informing you about the Road to the Mastery of the Craft. Like it or not being able to properly manage your money is a part of that. Some of you may not need this lesson, but if even one of you is helped by it, then that could be a J.K. Rowling that’s saved from the dangers of impulsivity.

Have your fun, but be wise and truthful with yourself. Remember future you, that’s the person that will be either thanking you or cursing you out (as they lay naked on a pile of movie tickets, empty liquor bottles, and fast food wrappers from times they’d long forgotten).

You’re real friends will understand and your impulses will always re-bound. Focus on the end game.

Take care of you,

-Antwan Crump.

P.S. – Sorry for the lack of post on Saturday. I had to buy a new keyboard. Being able to buy one A.S.A.P., inspired this post. Mainly, because Antwan of yesteryear would’ve had to wait for another paycheck. See you tomorrow, for a post inspired by (insert future here).

P.P.S. – (referring to the picture) – *Okay, he actually dies in like 3 movies.*

P.P.P.S. – In my defense, his characters do almost die before they actually do die, though.

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