Struck By Lightening; Hit By Thunder

Dear World

Please Kill Me,


So today was weird. If you’ve read the last few posts you get it (Most wont’t). Given that fact, and for those who don’t “get it”; here’s my – Poem of the Day – by Texasbay. (The Experiment is ongoing. Fluff post for time, research, and because it’s bloody GOOD!)

Realm of Consciousness

Vast are the recesses
of my mind.
Where my inner thoughts
seek freedom.
Open        endless
like the wind swept plains.
Ideas catching rides on wind gusts.
Floating effortlessly.
Chaff from harvests, flutter,
bandied about like feathers.Or        hammered
by gale force winds
beaten and bruised
non stop      no end in sight.
Twisted, turned and
sent to the edge of hell.
A no man’s land
with a one way ticket
clutched between fingers,
knuckled white.Weathering the seasons.
Thin and hungry,
sometimes cold      in days of less.
Grasping for original ideas,
gnawing on the remains
of forgotten promise, and shards
of broken heartedness.Dipping hands      cupped
into rivers of sorrow.
Swallowing salted tears
choking on grief, thankful
for feeling somethingBecause anything………
is better than hollow.

Growing fat and content
in times of more.
When love abounds
happiness is on the menu.
Dining at tables laden
with hope and desire.

An open bar
of never ending  smiles and laughter.
Shooting giggle shots,
slamming down mug after mug
of good cheer, and well to do’s.
Where atta boy Charlie’s
and Sonny boy’s sidle up,
sharing in the merriment.

the vast recesses of my mind
where my inner thoughts seek freedom
and reign.

Welcome… to my kingdom.

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