Dear World

Please Kill Me,


Welcome back court jesters of the political agenda; and a happy Wednesday to you. So yesterday was pretty great. I’d like to say thank you to everyone who checked out my So You Wanna Be a Writer post, especially those who liked, commented, and shared. I also appreciate those of you who chose to stick around.

Now that’s out the way, back to our regularly scheduled dickery. So yesterday I introduced you all to my plan -i.e. attempting to give my life a much needed jolt of structure. To my disappointment the neighbors had decided that it was the perfect day to have work done in the room directly across from me. Needless to say (between that and my dog’s picking a fight with sound, via sound ((barking)) *rolls eyes) not much was accomplished.

However I did manage to have a couple of minor epiphanies (amidst the then required fifth of Jack-Daniels fueled nap.) Those being (well after the obvious #1 which was “Dude leave the house.”) were mostly about time.

I realized that if I designate a writing period (as many authors do); things would go smoothly, however (as proven by my douchey neighbor) that can be unrealistic at times. Instead I had the bright idea of viewing the layout day differently.

If you’re self-important enough, you can basically eliminate the idea of days (Ever see Men in Black?). Not saying just show up to things you’re supposed to do at random; obviously adhere to what’s necessary, but free-time can be viewed as an eclectic concept of sorts.

Essentially that period runs on a Write when you can system, though with a few more rules. “I can just write whenever” will become the mantra (Awesome-lama lakem). So in my attempt at structure, instead of waiting for free-time, I’m going to wing it and write whenever the mood strikes me throughout the day (via, phone and little notebook) and see how my new program holds up to a developing project.

Experiment 1: Switch from planning my day around work. To planning it around writing.

May the Killing Fields be filled with the bones of your opponents,

-Antwan Crump

P.S. Yea, EPIC way to end a post.

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