Music in Motion

*1970’s bully voice “sup Nerds!”*                                                                                                     *1980’s bully voice “sup Dorks!”*                                                                                                     *1990’s bully voice “sup Dweebs!”*                                                                                                               *2000’s bully voice “sup Fags!”

“Pull her up around here, Doc Brown!” (car slows) *2016* “Ahem”

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Hello world, and all who unwillingly occupy it. I’ll start off by admitting that mini-introduction was a bit self-indulgent. However it was done with a kind of sinister intent, and with that an actual point (other than how funny it is to me that some of you may have just had some horrible flashbacks, while others, possibly AWESOME ones.)

Any way back to my point. Did all of you notice how each decade gave you some sort of recall? Whether or not you were actually alive, or even cognitive in those years, your minds actually just created a little file filled with subsequent relative information on each phrase(think, Limitless). You may not have noticed, but think about it, actually, read them again (then come back). (Back? okay cool.)

You see how much more vivid an image you got second time around, and on top of that, I bet that due to the context some of you can even picture and detail a scenario for each one (Hint- you’re picturing the victims differently from line to line according to year).

Your brain did that in just a couple of moments. I don’t mean to get all Bill Nye on you (mainly because I’m convinced he’s a shaven down Lincoln; LOOK AT THE FACTS PEOPLE! #BillNyeWeKnow) , but that’s not a coincidence, it’s your subconscious.

Now for my point. Yesterday we discussed creative block, and I purposely left out one of my personal key ingredients, and that’s music. (Alright let’s bring this on home Antwan) You see the same way that your subconscious responded to those outside sentences (thoughts) is the same way that it will consume, digest, and interpret music.

You see the brain demands constant stimulation. One of the main causes (I’ve found) for any kind of block is basically just the constant rehashing of your own internal thoughts. We’ve all heard the Einstein quote about the definition of insanity right? Good I’ll repeat it anyway “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”, now I’m paraphrasing to prove a point, so don’t get all Lit-Police on me.

My point being this, depending on what your craft or what your trying to create, before you go through any existential crisis, (and it’s my diagnosis that you reading this is a symptom) first, listen to something that will put you in the mental state that you want to be. Let it all go for a little while, and see if that doesn’t jump start your juices. Simply put use this subconscious phenomenon to your advantage.

Now I’m not one to make suggestions on this kind of thing, but personally I go classic instrumental, ambient, or purposely cerebral. Here are some links that just might be your speed.

Cognition Enhancer

Classic Symphonies

Chi Activation

I love all of these, and hope they help you all in your own endeavors.

*Side note- Some of them are pretty long, so you may want to set an alarm or something if you’re the type that tends to zone out. 

Remember, it never helps to freak out, unless that’s kind of your thing, in that case GO NUTS, Jizz Bucket. (Why can’t I ever leave it nice?)


Stroke past different,

Antwan Crump.


P.S. You can find the link to the Writer’s Block Podcast directly on this site by Monday. Enjoy!!!

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