Dear World

Please Kill Me,


Good Morrow all those in attendance, (with or without a gun to your temple. I would like to start off by calmly stating YEA I BOUGHT THE SITE DOMAIN, PAY ME BEOTCHES! Okay, now that, that’s out there, today I would like to ruminate about the one dragon worse than heroin, creativity.

No matter who you are, if you’ve made it out of any remedial humanities class you’ve dabbled in it quite a bit. (Those who haven’t I’d invite you to continue reading, but chances are your illiterate, so just stare at the screen, nod every moment or so, scroll down, repeat).

Some may have taken a liking to it, others may not have (likely nazi-  bureaucrats) and the remaining, more often than not, chase the art (for varying reasons of course.)

Now for those not in the know, I’d like to share with you that not everyone in pursuit of artistic or otherwise creative success, is doing it for the money, (though it is an undeniable perk) there is also a high that comes with the anticipation, progress, and completion, of any creative endeavor.

This does of course explain writers depression, painters remoarse, Lil’ Wayne, Tanya Harding, what have you, to a certain degree. For the athletic of the bunch, it’s in the same vein as a runners high, though the come down is inevitable and in most cases admittedly more severe.

You see, unlike other occupations, the path of the artist is completely (and I can’t stress this enough, but I can try DAMN IT!) COMPLETELY,unpaven. So anytime a sudden stroke of genius appears, it’s like the heaviest dose of morphine that you could imagine, even for the prolific.

Now for the hopeful part. For those suffering from any kind of creative block, (Writers Block Podcast to premiere next week btw. Shameless promotion, BUT I’VE GOT A DREAM) here are a few suggestions of how to get past it, without Picasso-ing (patent pending) yourself.

1.) Other people- there is never a better time nor excuse to call up some people to hang out with then during a creative crisis. Not only will it get your mind off of the seemingly infinite stress of your work, but you may be pleasantly surprised at what socializing may inspire. ( yes this does include sex, as a matter of fact, it’s what I’ve been hinting at, but failing any Hugh Hefner-like connections, friends will do.)

2.) *Have you tried cigarettes? They’re awesome.* but seriously,

Take a walk – the fresh air will do you good kimo sabi (did I spell that right? Who cares it’s jibberish) other than the clarity fresh air will grant you, just getting your self going physically, can jump start you mentally. Switch it up, go somewhere new. ( a drive can work equally well, but I’m assuming you’re drunk at this point).

3.)Read, read, read- specifically for the writers , this is just obvious isn’t it? What better way to get into the mood, than to watch it in action. All of the greats have been inspired by an artist they’ve emulated (alot of them even died the same, weirdly enough) so take note and attempt what’s proven to be useful.

4.) Me- clearly self promoting, but stick with me. This site is dedicated to the Mastery of the Craft, with that I choose to assume the responsibility of keeping my people at the least entertained, more so informed, and at most provide them a place to share and learn ideas, styles, and even some moments of procrastination. ( trust me, I’m here to help).

So that about does it for this post, though I will likely add more iterations of this idea here, as well as on my podcast. With that, hope you overcome your artistic block and create something that can buy me a ticket to Disneyland as thanks.


Keep it classy work bums,


Antwan Crump.

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