Dear World

Please Kill Me,

  1. 1.
    a number of different things or parts that are put or grouped together to form a whole but remain distinct entities.
    “the Earth is a specialized conglomerate of organisms”

Hola’ all you Spaniards and non (that’s everyone right? of course it is). So I feel that with traction may come a little responsibility thinking. My thought is that perhaps it’s time to bring some new blood into this literary hive of mine.

Its come to my attention that MY passion is to write, however that may not be the sole thing that everyone who visits this site may be looking for. For that reason I have chosen to call upon the A-team. ( No pun intended but the smoke bomb that I am about to drop will make that hilarious. *Probably.) I have called upon my brother and sisters to help me do the dirty work, that is reporting life and showing it’s blissful ups, as I continue to be your narrative down. (Or other way around depending on how sadistic you are.)

As an added bonus I have also included my father, so maybe you can all see where this mad genius has spawned from (that’s right folks, the sack that keeps on giving). If I know my siblings they will be hesitant at first (for their various, reasonable concern) but once they hear that it’s essentially risk free, I think they’ll come around.

With that here are the Captain Planet baseball card like scopes,

Aaron–  (the Oldest) workaholic, fitness-aholic, and very much the enforcer of the bunch. Shares my sense of humor, although not at all. It’s a weird mix I know, but understand that this is where I’ve deviated from. Good guy.

Alicia– (the Twin) picture me as a woman, and then street knowledge the fuck out of it, add in a little flava’, and a lot of assertive passion, and you’ve got a tough cookie, that will likely come back up and punch you in the face for your lack of decency “these ain’t baked goods bitch!” (true story).

Nae– (the Youngest) what more could I say then “chickens” and *rolled eyes*. Probably the most rounded of the bunch, but still pretty viscous in her own right, her mind could put my arsenal of brilliance to the test. *(No doubt she’ll outlive EVERYONE)* As an added bonus she’s quite the fashion expert.

and as an added BONUS:

Pops– (Pops) you probably get it by now.

So gear up, things they are a changin’. This site will be even more then I had ever anticipated, however just another phase into “The Mastery of the Craft”. Get it together people. Just bought the domain, you can find us @

“Becoming Utopia” is a month away, still chasing greatness, and with a little help, immortality.


Keeping with the dream,


Antwan Crump.

P.S. Did you all get that Captain Planet reference, Earth , Wind, Fir…. never mind, you’re adults.

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