Congratulations To the Winners of My Poetry Contest

Dear World

Please Kill Me,


*thumbs snap, as the flame of a newly lit cigarette cascades amongst the silhouettes.* (baseline)

So for those of you jive turkeys out there who aren’t hip to it, I’ve got a thing for literary prowess. (What am I doing?) *clears throat* So I recently ran a contest on , asking the poets to write something that could accompany either my short story (The Loathsome Burden of Present Peril) or its companion picture. I am proud to say these are the winners.

The Living Corpse – Diksha Patel – Gold

The Unknown Road – W.D. Squires – Silver

outsider – Sighofdawn – Bronze

The Threshold – Joy Watson – Honorable Mention

I encourage everyone to check them out, they are all very talented.

Any what’s it, new post up tomorrow, got some biiiiiig stuff going on, mainly the post- Superbowl recovery party. GO (team I rooted for here determines on outcome)!!!! Yea!

See ya Blogites and Blogettes,

Antwan Crump.

P.S. *Disclaimer, I do not own, nor hold any rights to the above poetry.* So don’t sue me.

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