To Drink, or not to Drunk.

Dear World

Please Kill Me,


Good morning, (or night depending on your side of the equator). So I’m assuming by my not so subtle title that most of you know you’ve just entered the court appointed AA portion of the blog. Let me explain.

Four score and eleven seconds ago I was late for work. Not that, that news is special, I just like saying it. (Ah the wonders of not giving a flying fuck), in case you were wondering ( you weren’t) liquor was the culprit. Usually I abstain from it ( lie) but today felt special. Writings going pretty well, my works have between positively received, and for the first time in a while everything’s not shitty. I guess some call that happy, I don’t. It’s just not shitty.

So I drank all of the drinks. ALL OF THE DRINKS!! Good times, and surprisingly refreshing. Sometimes it takes a blackout drunk to realize your overworked. And yea,yea I know what your thinking, and your right. Nothing got done, but I feel good about it, recharged, reinvigorated, in denial, or it’s all just breaking my way.

So about the title, I find most people (openly anyway) oppose over consumption, I don’t, long as it doesn’t bother me. ( also most people aren’t aspiring writers, so they could kick rocks in hell).

They are right about one thing though. Nothing gets done on paper, however the ideas I’ve come up with since #priceless, and only possible with a drifting psyche. My advice, if you can control it, drown your little heart out, just make sure you have something to prove that it’s worth a night in the drunk tank.

So to drink or not to drunk, that is the question. Really it isn’t, just stay productive and take care of yourself, also don’t be a grave digger, even for the sake of irony es no bueno.


From the chamber’s of the bottle,

Antwan Crump.

P.S. Clink, clink Bitch.


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