Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Here with a little tip once more. Everything we plan, strive for, and eventually either thrive or perish in, I believe all lay contingent on one key factor; the immediacy of which we deem the task worthy. From the most minuscule of tasks to the immensely important, the pressure we feel to adhere to completion lingers, it’s seriousness that we designate to those pressures that do decidedly create the outcome.

I admit patience is a virtue. However one that may simply be required after we have completed the demand at hand. To nail in point, if you have an idea , do it while its fresh in your mind. Give it weight and depth, even if afterward you laugh it off only to conclude that it was pointless. The level of pride we feel in self realization is most always immensely satisfying, being topped only by that accomplishment becoming something greater than originally intended.

Immediacy in attacking our projects not only get us closer to “that one” but it supplements and proves, “that one’s” worth once it’s had. On the other side of that, procrastination tends to be a major downfall for most. It leads us to overthink, overreach, and often stagnant, tip toeing on ground we don’t necessarily trust. To put it in biblical terms, like the literary priest I am, procrastination begets doubt, and doubt begets laziness. That feeling only multiplies with the more time we let slip away. Lesson of the day, good or bad, get up and get it done. Just don’t hurt yourself pumpkin.

Briefer than Hanes,

Antwan Crump

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