Dear World

Please Kill Me,

That’s right people we have to trudge through this conversation. You know what I’m talking about the D-Word. Distraction. This may seem seem like a companion piece to Motivation…Mostly cause it is but bare with me. Recently I was asked ” How in the hell do you sit there and just write all this crap?” To which I responded “F#*k you it’s GOLD NOT CRAP MOTHER F#*KER!’ Then calmly followed that up with a simple less antagonizing answer. “I have no clue.” Yep that’s right people I’ve got zilch here but a few experiences.

Before you go boo-hooing and vow to never visit my site again, hear me out. The beauty of being an individual is that different things can grasp and keep our attention, whist others can not. It’s very much a trial and error kind of thing. To my knowledge there are two types of distractions. The straight-forward physical distraction (a.k.a the things you can control by simply turning them off, moving them, moving yourself, or breaking out the tommy-gun and going to town.) These are the everyday little nuisances that with a little planning and self-control can be easily avoided. Granted it may take some effort on your part, but if you feel like what your doing is worth it, that shouldn’t be an issue, shrewd negotiators or otherwise.

The other type of distraction is vastly more complex. That my friends is the mental distraction. That little voice in your head that pops up at the exact moment you begin to work on something with intent and purpose. *SIDEBAR WARNING – This voice will often tempt you with physical distractions because it knows that once you conquer it, you’re on the road to convicted, no holds-barred, unadulterated, action and completion, it hates that*. So in that respect do yourself a favor and cut off as much of that physical distraction as you can. Internet and phones included for the idiots trying to work the system.

Any way this voice is a little trickier because it’s not something that you can just turn off. It’s like a little puppy dog that had been roaming free all day, and now when your ready to work it doesn’t wanna sit still. Same as with that dog (Insert child if you’re not a pet person) you have to train it. Set specific parameters and environmental conditions for when its time to get serious and work. Keep these habits, places, rituals, etc sacred. As you continue to work under these strict conditions, that little voice will learn that this is nap-time, while mommy and or daddy handle big people business. I re-iterate KEEP THESE THINGS COMPLETELY SEPARATE FROM YOUR DAY TO DAY FOOLERY. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED. If you start mixing and mingling play-time with work-time, you’ll find that puppy once again running a muck. You must establish and maintain subconscious (and in some cases physical) boundaries.

Outside of that go easy on yourself. Start with a quiet room, different from the one you sleep in. Failing that, instead of laying down get a chair that you only use while working. If you always have the television on, try working in silence. If your sanctuary is relatively quiet, try listening to some instrumentals or white noise. (I refrain from anything with lyrics, but if you can work under those conditions more power to you.) Anything to establish those walls and create a mental work space. And  by the way ,don’t worry, like any good pet, your distractions will be on the other side of the door waiting when you are done.

Heed to My Power,

Antwan Crump

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