What a Novel Idea

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Well let’s just get right into this one, this is something that I consider very near and dear to my heart, albeit it doesn’t have much competition, save to say my other literary work. My novel. Yes, I took on the grand task of creating a world in my mind and translating it for all to peer at, through the window of the page. (See how well that flowed, apparently that’s what prose is, who knew. I did and now you do to.) For those you who took the time (and I thank you if you did) to read my other posts, you are well aware that I am writing a novel entitled Becoming Utopia. By far one of the proudest undertakings of my adult- life.

That being said, HOLY CRAP BALLS is this one of the most arduous things that you could task yourself to do. I mean let’s be realistic about it, unless you’re already an established and well paid author, or for some reason have been endowed with enough capital that you don’t have to do anything but focus on writing, this sh!t is rough. As I imagine it would be for anyone focusing on any field that lyes on the outskirts of their personal and societal obligations, so listen up singers, rappers, poets, screenplay writers, etc. This applies to you too. Will the real CREATIVES PLEASE STAND UP!

So I won’t even bore you with the obvious technical detail that goes into making this a difficult project. Truth be told if you don’t know them by now, your not seriously working on it anyway. If your a first timer and feel the need to mull over the “joys of the process” and what not, I’ll be glad to answer questions, just shoot me an email or leave it in the comment section. However be warned, I will be as honest as my ghoulishness let’s me. Sorry, but we’re all adults here, you want lies, go to church.

Any who, now that I’ve thinned the herd, for the few of you who remain, know this, any time you spend outside the bubble that has been built for you will be met with push back by the “gatekeepers of your life. Remember the agents in the Matrix? Yea they weren’t just made up , no ones that brilliant. They’re real, the difference being they are often people we love and/or care about, unfortunately much less detectable. Sorry to break it to you, but you may need to distance yourself, if they can not accept the gravity of what your goals demand. Unless your in a band, or a think tank (sometimes even than) your’re on your own. It’s a lonely job, only made partially sane, by the understanding that you as the creator *should feel that you have something to give to the world that it is lacking. Truth be told most of us do, but to actually apply yourself and go for it, takes a lot of guts, and a hell of a lot of building, destroying, and rebuilding, until you’ve created a beautiful town out of your own mishandling.

For those of you a little lost in the metaphor, that town is the final result of all of our turmoil and hard work. And for those of you who love this process (like I do), you also know that the instant your town is complete, it’s time to move out and start from the dirt all over again. We live for the process. Completion is simply another completed lap, on the endless tack of our greatest ambition.

So there is the first truth I will drop as far as chasing our goals, I will always have more, however I like to keep these as brief as possible, (besides this one is WAY denser than I originally planned, sometimes I get carried away). For those of you still interested, I will likely write a few companion pieces for this. Interesting topic I’ve stumbled upon here. So you wanna be a writer? What a novel idea.

Pretentiously Yours,

Antwan Crump

*should- if you don’t believe in what your doing, it will be near impossible for you to attain the mental stamina necessary to convey your art properly. If you are an artist of any kind and do not love every waking moment of it, perhaps it should just be a hobby.

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