Dear World,

Please Kill Me

Ah yes, the fantasy of fantasies. Who are we to question the idealistic versions of other people’s goals? The answer, answer is inevitably the audience. So you want to be a singer, actor, lawyer,doctor, etc. These goals (fairly or not) all lye within the grasp of your dissenters.

No I do not adhere to the “kiss ass” philosophy, however I do believe that self may equal success in the game of marketing the former. Think of it like this the audience sees you, judges you, and then decides whether or not to talk shit about you. It’s a whirlwind roundabout of “whose doing what for me now”. So trivial, but true.

Many will tell you that you win your place through social media, or being infallibly consistent . NO, NO,NO,NO,No. You win them through constant positive interaction and networking (online or otherwise). The thing that most people don’t get is that to make it ANYWHERE people have to like you. Prime example Kevin Hart. he went from Soul Plane to being the biggest comedian on this planet of Earth *drops mic*.

*Picks it back up*  All of this is done by interaction. You want your dreams to come true? Your grand plan of money, fame, success, and subsequent hedonism? Read a book, have something to talk about, and deliver it with some flair mixed with sincerity. That my friends is what you call a “DREAM COCKTAIL” (patent pending).

Be someone that you would talk to. *Sidebar I hate to get all biblical but I’m pretty sure the bible said something about that*. Nonsense stories, but true lessons. Be who you strive to meet. That is how your dreams come true. Because Let’s face it, the idealized version of the person you look up to, is merely nothing more than the person you want to be. Thus the strife, pressure, depression (in my case liquor), etc. You want your dreams to come true, be your own idol, and shape your life accordingly. Harsh but true. Hey Peter Pan, at least I’m rooting for you.

His Excellency,

Antwan Crump

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