Dear World,

Please Kill Me

Yea, yea so I’m still on that. It hasn’t yet lost it’s pizzazz (is that how you spell that?) to me. Any way in my quest to become a great author I found that I was having trouble filling the dead spots of my life. You know sometimes you can’t just sit in front of a screen, scratching your head, and hoping the ideas will impale your psyche. So at the advice of many I found a hobby. That hobby was drinking. Well after a few months (and some lost friends) later I found that perhaps I should do a few things that would supplement the idea of supplementing ideas. So I thought what better way to get the juices flowing than to allow them to. Stagnant water yields no fruit and all that jazz. Jazz? Pizazz? it seems my “pulled out of ass” theory may have some merit to it after all.

So I started this blog. I actually REALLY look forward to developing it into an all inclusive and well rounded artistry site, figuring I may as well put my apparent mental prowess to the test. Speaking of that, let me extend my pretentious nature by saying Ladies and Gentlemen I give you The Writer’s Block Podcast. The plan thus far is to post weekly on Youtube, along with posting here as often as I can. not for nothing it’s a good way to empty the brain of irreverent strife.

That being said I will be sure to give it it’s own section on this site, as well as reference this blog on the podcast. Synergy and all that. All on the road to writing my book as well as curing the dull moments that ail me. Speaking of the book, I may never have mentioned it but I am writing one. It’s called Becoming Utopia. I’ll dive into those details at another time, just know that as of now it’s my pride and joy. With that I embrace my new found purpose as what I hope leads me to my goal of being one of the great writers of our time and the next. For all of you here from this point and all of you who will be, thanks for joining me on this whirlwind adventure I’ve signed myself up for. Keep the momentum. Ill be sure to post links to the Podcast ASAP. Until than enjoy the sweet fruit of what’s to come.

Yours Truly,

Antwan Crump

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