Yet Another Day In The Ether

Dear World,
Please Kill Me

So I’ve decided every non-story or art piece that I do will begin like that. I still think it’s fuckin hilarious. Yea, yea I know it seems a little bleak, but hear me out before you get all judgy.

Recently I’ve been getting really into studying works by authors who’ve spoken on the topic of proper and effective writing. Seems like the place to start whilst undertaking the task of becoming one of the greats (at least of our time). At the moment I’m reading the Stephen King memoir “On Writing”. I know, I know I’m late, but the topic matter he’s chosen seems(ed) too different from mine for me to take seriously. I’ve since purged that ignorance.

Anyway in Kings book he mentions that any aspiring author reading his book should first check out ” The Elements of Style” by William Strunk. Me being the adherent student that I am promptly bought and waited a week to receive the aforementioned text. It should be noted that and English laureate, college grad, or someone just privy to the craft, May find Stunks book both obvious and tedious, it does make for a fantastic read. Even if to brush up on your skills. No tools ever TOO sharp ya know. And yea thats pretentious of me to say but whatever.

That being said in Strunks book he mentions that if anyone has a friend who is an aspiring writer to 1.) to “kill them, because this is the happiest they will ever be.” Or 2.) “Failing that give them this book.” . My quotes may be wrong, but any lepton gets the message all the same.

My point is after reading that, I didn’t get that feeling of anger or despair I would have expected. Instead I was moved and surprisingly motivated. I thought to myself (arrogantly I admit) ” Hey no dead Old guys gonna call me out like that”. Mean but hey, The truths the truth. At that moment i decided that not only was this what I wanted to do, but something I had too. I finally found something I wouldn’t mind dying during my pursuit of it. Hilariously its a goal that can never be achieved. Adding to that, it’s something just impossible and implausible enough for me to want to pursue.

In that right, when I say “Dear World , Please Kill Me” , it isn’t so much a cry for death, but for life, (A call back to it if you will) and my acceptance of the path I’ve chosen. I’m also not above admitting it’s a reminder and slight homage to William Strunk. I thank him for that, and have Mr. King to thank for that advice. I too pretentiously advise the same.

  • For now that’s all I got.
  • P.S. What you been reading?

Yours Truly,

Antwan Crump

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