For Now

Dear World,

Please Kill Me

Just checking in for my daily spurt of random information. Today was a little counter productive. Procrastination, combined with work, and everything else I wanted to do kind of lulled me into a state of submission and Netflix binge-watching. Go figure. CURSE YOU CRUEL MISTRESS THAT IS STREAMING!!!! Anyway I should be back to our regularly scheduled program on the sites and podcast by tomorrow morning.

Despite my procrastinate self (and my dog who gleefully just jumped on me), occupying my mind, I have made some technical strides. I should at the very least have an actual domain name registered in a few days, along with the first of what will be many podcasts up and running. That way at the very least the skeleton of the site will be up and running.

*Sidenote. The site will not be focused solely on the blog. That is just kind of my way of keeping up with you guys as well as allowing me to feel a little more connected to the content that these posts will eventually be supplementing. My dream for this site is for it to be a hub for writers of all forums. Books, novels, poetry, music, spoken word, the works. I will be spotlighting the cream of the crop as well as offering up some useful advice and tips written by myself and a slew of other guest writers. I am building a universe here so be patient, it will be well worth the wait. “Road to Mastery of the Craft”. The way I see it why not bring everyone along?

That being said working hard for the result more than for the pay off, at least I said it once.

For Now,

Antwan Crump

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