Writer’s Block – Vol 2. (The Crappening)

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, and happy New Year for those of you that hadn’t expected me to say it, (for those that did…do you really need me to?). No, no–don’t worry I’m not going to go on some hellbent tirade about the absurdity of our menial celebrations nor will I point out our collective (desperate) need as a species to feel something in this wretchedly backward bunghole that we deem society. (#CalmDownDude).

*sips coffee*

*breathes deeply*

*contemplates attacking the neighbors with empty coffee cup*

“But then…what will I drink my coffee from?”

*steps away from neighbors door.*

Okay, okay, so I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning (#SoSueMe?). It’s nobodies fault, really (unfortunately, I know that because ((also, unfortunately)) I’m what’s known as a (semi-)functioning human being).  Yeah, yeah. Blah. Blah.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m going through a mini-state of that ol’ writer’s block. As always, it sucks. However, this case is a bit different than the ones that have preceded it.

Despite my general absence from the site (I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE!!!!!…..#JustKnowThatILoveYou)–I’ve actually been pretty damn busy, hard at work, hitting the grindstone, (plotting on beating my loud neighbors with a coffee cup), etc. You know…normal stuff.

That being said, I’m almost not completely pissed that my brain has decided to take it upon itself to take a mental health day (that little dickens).

For all intents and purposes, I may have been pushing my crafty cerebellum a little further than its accustomed to going (…and then some, because, honestly, I’ve seen this mental crash coming since Thanksgiving).

So, here I am–spilling out onto the page and trying to reignite the fire in the midst of cyclonic F–CKIN rainstorm of thought (psychotic?). With that, I should probably also add that this version of writer’s block may be a little different than your standard diagnosis (did I imply that already? …Probably, whatever).

*cloaks eyes with the black paint*

*walks naked into busy street*


Okay, like any good procedure (no, I don’t even know why I’m still trying), it makes the most sense to precede the comparison with a constant.


*re-reads definition*


Okay, so that’s the norm. What I’m experiencing now, (that’s likely intertwined a bit with the first thing), is Exhaustive Writer’s Block. It’s essentially the same thing as Creative Writer’s Block, (with the added bonus of being a lot more frustrating–BECAUSE I WAS JUST FINE EIGHT F*CKING HOURS AGO!!!)

*talks to self*

“Breathe, Antwan. Just breathe.”

*goes back inside*

*sits on couch naked/pouting*

Anyway, this version of writer’s block is a bit more difficult of a mental block to manage (due to the general cure being for the sufferer to take a break), whereas Creative Writer’s Block, can usually be solved with a simple trip down the road of inspiration.

I’m not saying that either is easy, but one solution is far preferable to the other, (at least for me because I don’t know how to take/enjoy breaks).

I guess, that there’s a solution in there somewhere. Truth be told, I just needed to vent. I hope that it helped you (at the very least, it kept me away from neighbors …and more importantly, saved me from losing a coffee cup).

Now, I’m going to go sit in a dark room and leer at my laptop until the spell of stagnancy has lifted.

In the end, it’s all just a part of the game. There’s no need to go crazy, just power through it and make sure to show up when the muse lusts for you again…(or you regain the means to chase her down with a stick).

Until Next Time,

–Antwan Crump


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