Subtle Things

Dear World

Please Kill Me,


Greetings, and happy… (what day is it even anymore? Wednesday? You sure????).

*flips through years old calendar*

*distracted by cat pictures*

“GET EM’ Kitty!!!!”

Whatever, we’ll go with Wednesday. How the hell are ya’? Should the broken tides of Mount Olympus have risen to its snowy crest– then EUREKA! Global warming has finally commenced, and soon we’ll be able to swim in the–newly formed– Sahara River, (#patentpending).


With summer finally, at a close, it’s time for your favorite sociopath to get back down to business (nitty gritty?) and return to my proper place, at the high-bottom of writer’s dwarf (#TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsPrince)

It’s been a long few months and we’ve probably got some MAJOR catching up to do. But, like any wayward citizen (/millennial), I’m just going to ignore my absence and continue forth, as if I’ve been here the whole time–




So, a little news. I’m still busy, (apparently, this whole “writer” fiasco that I’ve embarked on is paying off), but, for the foreseeable future, my schedule will be rather taut–as opposed to the mad dash that I’m used to. Which means that I can actually schedule things now.

Because of that, (and the fact that this blog is approaching its second birthday #IKNOWRIGHT!?!), it feels like a good time to do a bit of restructuring, (type of posts, point of posts, fever dreams, and of course the design). More than likely, it won’t be anything too major, however, now that my blog will officially be a toddler (and older than like…A MILLION+ people!!!), it feels like a good time for it.

“watches blog grow teeth*

*tears at sight*

*bit by blog*

*deletes account*

So, with that being said, expect the coming weeks to be a bit janky, as I figure some things out. Also, be sure to check out any new things that I may experiment with (I’ll likely pick and choose what to keep based on feedback), so gear up for that.

What else? What else? What else?

Oh right! I was recently informed that a few days ago was #HogwartsDay. So, (me being me), I’ve written a story to commemorate the occasion, (appropriately titled Let’s Kill Harry Potter). It’s a fun little romp with a bunch of twists and turns. Feel free to like, share, comment, (fondle gently?), etc.

And, that about wraps it up for me today. Glad to be back and I hope that all of you (like two people #LonelyIsland #ShoutOutL&A), are glad to have me back as well.

*tips top-hat*


Ta Ta For Now,

-Antwan Crump.






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