Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and happy Thursday, my earth dwellers of the written reich. How are you? Should the glasses of time, have been stained by your brilliance – then ODELAY!!! You’ve passed the test of the laughing fire-

*realizes some of that wasn’t English*

*sniffs glue stick*

*runs through wall*


Anyway, I’m glad to have you all back for another dose of crazy, from your favorite anarchist with a keyboard.

But first,

Obsession, (commonly known as- “a fragrance by Calvin Klein” -and/or- a major plot-point in every hit movie. #ThinkAboutIt #WeCelebratePsychopaths.)

And Now….

I guess that it may suffice to say, that in order to chase down any creative aspiration, (or anything really, now that I think about it), there has to be a certain level of obsession.

We can’t simply drop to our knees and hope for our greatest wishes to come true, ({Insert “Low-Blow’ Religious Joke Here}) – we HAVE to want it – more so, than anything else that we’ve ever wanted. And, as a testament to your self-esteem, we also have to believe that we CAN get it.

You see; we happen to be a rare breed of folk, (talking about the illustrious lunacy that is – being a creative). We don’t sit back, we don’t comply, we don’t compromise, (some don’t even shower #TheDirtyTruth), and we don’t stop. These things can be both good and bad.


On the plus side, there are very few, (in the grand scheme of people), that are willing to totally devote themselves to a single cause or goal. People have standards of living – sure. But, the fact remains that not many are willing to ACTUALLY suffer in the same ways as we do- to see their visions realized.

For those of you privy to doubt or envy – keep that thought in mind, (it may keep your magnum opus safe).

In addition to the “fun time”, that is – toying with your sanity; during the course of your artistic development, you start to “see the forest through the trees” – so to speak. You no longer need inspiration, guidance, direction, (illicit drugs) – to create. Though we can still accept and consider them – obsession (/commitment) leads to a voice, all our own and a path that only we could walk.

*Obsession, is the eventuality of any GREAT creative.*



Keep in mind that you don’t need to go full on Heath Ledger, (#R.I.P) to get the job done either. Obsession is a lot like a new phone-

  • You see other’s with it, and you think “well, that looks awesome. I think I’ll get me that”, (and you foolishly skip over).
  • You struggle, you stress, and tinker with it endlessly; until one day you feel like you’ve completely mastered it. (Though, you haven’t left the house in a day or two).
  • Then, just when you think that you’ve got it- a better thing pops up- and you, (being the sickened phone-crazed mad man(/woman/other), that you are -MUST CHASE IT.

It is, in many ways, a drug. The good thing about it though is that –

*Once we’ve identified our obsession we can harness it.* 

Obsessions are perfectly fine, and often times necessary parts of chasing and achieving our creative ambitions. But, it is important to remain a conduit for it, not a victim.

(Becoming a victim to your obsession is how you end up looking like the guy in the post-photo).

Just food for thought.

Alright, kiddies, I’ve got to go “wrassle” me up some breakfast – I’ve got a long day of keyboard worship ahead of me. I’ll see you all tomorrow for more fonts and spaces.

Trample Your Thursday,

-Antwan Crump.

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