A Path Divided

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and happy Tuesday my coffee-junkies of the late night press. How are you? Should the cosmos have aligned as predicted, (by ancient people who’ve yet to discover pants), then Sam Jackson is still bald, and the world is likely still collapsing in a ball of legislative flame, (#TheCrappening).

But enough talk of our impending doom, it’s another day on the author’s calendar, and

*cool dad voice*

“I’ve got some sick rhymes to throw down, yo!”

*does jail pose*

*embarrasses children*

*defaults on mortgage*


A Path Divided, (otherwise known as – the ongoing critical consensus of whether or not Kristen Stewart is actually hot. #TwilightHater #ThrowHerToTheWolves).

So, chances are that if you’re reading this, you are one of two things. Either you’re an artist desperately seeking a pat on the back for your -yet to be discovered- work, (you won’t get one), or what I like to call the border-hoarder; a.k.a -you’ve tried your hand at a few things, without much serious commitment. (I guess a third option could be that you have a sick fetish for words #YouDirtyBirdy).

In any case, your attendance here shows interest. An interest in maybe creating something earth-shattering, moment-defining, or even just because the artistic spirit of {Insert Emulation Here} has grabbed you, and (slapped you over the creative head until you surrendered?), compelled you to pursue an endeavor.

Where people are -on their artistic journey- interests me. Not just because I’m a deluded sociopath – but because, I’m curious to see if the reality of their situation has hit them yet. That reality is,

*Until you reach your creative end, the ENTIRE journey is a path divided.*

-and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

When you’re in pursuit of creative heights, you will constantly be faced with conflict. That conflict begins with – “Whether or not I should do this?”.

((Short Answer: Yes, absolutely, (Just DON’T kill any babies)).

Once begun, the journey continues on to the next question – “Will this be any good? Should I change it?”

((Short Answer: You won’t know until you do it.))

And of course the age old question of – “What next?”

((Short Answer: Less time than when you started. Act accordingly.))

My point is that the path of the artist is ALWAYS divided. There is always a major decision to be made, or hashed out, (or blamed on FAKE NEWS). This is, basically the journey that you’re signing up for.

And NO, your answer won’t always be “spot-on” right, but as long as you make choices and take the action necessary to continue progressing forward, you will never be “dead wrong” either.

So let go of the fear, worry, and notions of doubt that haunt too many of us at inopportune times. Face that path with the decided mentality that you will go the route that allows you to continue onward.

*Don’t be jaded by failures and pauses. Pick up and keep moving forward.*

-Besides, isn’t that the only REAL right decision that anyone can make?

Just food for thought.

Alright boys and girls of the writer’s choir, that’s all the magic elixir I’ve got for today. I’ll see you all tomorrow for more of whatever Alice drank to get to wonderland.

Trample Your Tuesday,

-Antwan Crump.


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To see a REALLY nice review about the book, click here.

And, looky, looky, what’s (VERY BLATANTLY placed) beneath this sentence…..

Interesting, I don’t even know how that got there. (OKAY! THEY GOT IT!)

Alright then. With that, I take my leave.


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