Flow State

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and happy Monday, my literary guardians of the galaxy, (and affiliates?). How was your weekend? Should the tumultuous trials of triple sec and tequila have passed, then that sentence didn’t reinvigorate your headache, (although let’s be honest, it totally did).

Assuming you’ve returned to me in worse shape than you left, (#Hangover #MondayBlues) then how’s about a digital pick me up from a guy who woke up on a carpet -covered in Dorito crumbs, (#SleepSnacking #NoIWasn’t #I’mJustFat).

Any who,

Flow State, (otherwise known as – {Insert an inappropriate biological joke that I won’t make, because Social Justice Warriors are real. #AndScary}.

So, I’ve been fascinated with this idea of “the zone”.  If you’re a creative, then you pine for the seemingly effortless times of high productivity, peak artistic momentum, (and that friend that brings you liquor and fast food without you asking #Angel).

It’s in these times that we create some of our most fruitful material. Fruitful -and not great- because often times we get stuck on the high cloud of promise, and end up sharting out some ideas that may have been better left in the dark, (#AnyTylerPerryMovie).

However, brilliant work or not – these ideas do at the very least become springboards for other things that we can proudly call our own. My fascination is not so much with the inspiration – but rather with these pockets of time that allow our minds to work in full force (and leave us all hot and bothered afterward from the realization of what we’ve just accomplished).

Of course, I knew very little about this state of mind off-handedly – so I did what I often suggest to you all- and ran to #Google for an answer, (after giving it the obligatory sacrificial virgin goat and lighting several candles #ForSomeReason).

What I found was actually quite interesting, (yeah, no sh!t, that’s why you’re talking about it). It turns out that when people are “in the zone” it isn’t just some mental trick that we’ve played on ourselves. In actuality – it’s the human brain tapping into several instincts all connected to our biological reward system.

When we’re “in the zone”, our mind is running at full capacity, clarity, focus, and relaxation. This creates a window of time where we are acutely aware of what we’re doing, what needs to be done, and the best ways to accomplish the task without allowing for distraction, (skills that were once vital, but are now focused on pissing each other off via social media #Truth).

So, why am I telling you this, (#CIA? #MI6? #SNOWDEN?), no, none of those, (that’s what you’d say if you WERE ONE OF THEM!!)

*throws smoke bomb*

*chokes on smoke*

“Yea, it turns out -I’m none of them.”

*sadly continues*

I’m telling you this in the hopes that some of you currently experiencing writer’s block, could have a means to combat it. Because writer’s block is essentially the anti-flow state – if we learn to access that vital part of our own minds and summon Flow when necessary- we may never need to experience those mental blocks again. (At the very least – if we do- we can learn to be super focused on them.)

Here’s a link to Wikipedia, where you can trudge down the Flow-State rabbit hole as deeply as you’d like: Flow-State rabbit hole. (You’ve been warned).

And of course your bold motivation for the day-

“When we are unable to find tranquility within ourselves, it is useless to seek it elsewhere.” – François de La Rochefoucauld.


Alright, folks, I’ve got to get back to the Bat-Cave and catch-up on some Netflix shows fight crime, (Alfred likes to binge watch #StrangerThings). I’ll be back tomorrow for more words in a trademarked font.

Crush Your Monday,

-Antwan Crump.

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Okay. I’m done.


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