Re-Blog for those who missed it.

Eye of the Writer

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, and happy Friday, my liberal litigators of literature, (#AlliterationNation #CallBacks)- and welcome back to yet another rousing edition of a guy with a keyboard, (and way too much free time). How are you?

Should the sacred scrolls have at last been unraveled – then you have your choice between a mummy, a werewolf, (or just leaving the damn scroll closed).

So while we await impending doom – via 1980’s archetypal horror movie monsters- how’s about we round this week up with a tidbit of info, just for you?

Legacy, (otherwise known as- one of those rare things that both the LockNess monster and Tupac Shakur have in common).

So, let’s chat about legacy for a moment. Since my relocation, I’ve been hungering to find the “happening” spot for writers in the area. Sure there are the conventions, the coffee shops, (storage units on…

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