Showing Up

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, and happy Friday my weekend seeking- writing machines. How goes it? Should that extra dose of, “special sauce”, have been applied to the proper area – then “GET UP! GET ON UP!”, it’s time to boogie down, (with James Brown? #HardestWorkingManInACasket #RIP #YouWereThinkingIt).

Horrific jokes aside, I’m glad to have you. Now let’s power through this so we can all start sipping our tipsy juice, (and making bad decisions).

Showing Up, (otherwise known as – the part of ambition that people often forget about. #PoorAttendence #Duh #GrumpyMood).

Any who,

I’ve been thinking a lot about paths and things of that nature in the past few days. Not necessarily the uncertainty portion of it, nor the discovery, search, (destruction?), of them. Instead, I’ve been more fascinated with the people who begin a journey, (literal or metaphorical), and for one reason or another fall flat.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t on any particular draconian kick or anything. It was more so a survey of people who had their chance, stepped up to the challenge, and then, for one reason or another, (drugs or Courtney Love) – faltered, and were seldom heard from again.

The ones who’ve been stopped by outlier reasons, and obvious ones like James Brown – clearly got a pass, (as if I somehow have that power), but the ones who sort of just ‘dropped off of the face of the earth’  -intrigued me. (We all have artists, writers, singers, exes, etc, in mind, about whom- the same could be said).

Now, I’m not a huge proprietor of the spiritual realm or anything, (I leave those thoughts to the likes of people with more time, (and possibly a strong dose of marijuana #LilWayne)). But, I do believe that every once in a while, the universe will give you the answer in one way or another, (whether it makes sense or not #KindaLikeAPolitician #MostlyNonsense).

So, upon writing one of my spur of the moment stories, a variate epiphany dawned on me. That epiphany being –

*The only thing truly required of the creative at large, is to show up.*

We are naturally inclined to create. We are similarly inclined to reach far and high whenever we do -obviously to top our past self. The only thing that we truly need to do, is to make the time to create. If you really think about it -given that- it’s the only real effort that we have to put in. (Aside from possibly making the obligatory pot of coffee.) The rest is an alchemy of sorts. It just happens.

So, instead of packing your week, weekend, (tubby-time?), etc, with a bunch of things that you only semi-care about, make time for your craft. Make time for the great things that you know you’re capable of. Continue to do that, and the rest seems to fall in line.

*Show up for what you love.*

Alright besties, (we’re besties right? I’ve already got the tattoo!), that’s about all the jabber I’ve got for this week. I’ll be back on Monday for the unrequested reboot.

Enjoy Your Weekend,

-Antwan Crump.

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