Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, and happy Friday, my liberal litigators of literature, (#AlliterationNation #CallBacks)- and welcome back to yet another rousing edition of a guy with a keyboard, (and way too much free time). How are you?

Should the sacred scrolls have at last been unraveled – then you have your choice between a mummy, a werewolf, (or just leaving the damn scroll closed).

So while we await impending doom – via 1980’s archetypal horror movie monsters- how’s about we round this week up with a tidbit of info, just for you?

Legacy, (otherwise known as- one of those rare things that both the LockNess monster and Tupac Shakur have in common).

So, let’s chat about legacy for a moment. Since my relocation, I’ve been hungering to find the “happening” spot for writers in the area. Sure there are the conventions, the coffee shops, (storage units on the outskirts of town), etc; but I wanted to find the true underground.

*pretentious artist voice*

“Where the struggling artist, can, you know?! Spread his wings and fly bro!”

-Yea, you know the one. That place; and not merely to find the person that I was mocking just now, (to falcon kick him into the derivative depths from whence he came), but also just in search of like-minded spirits.

Lucky enough, I found the place, (I’d tell you where, but then I’d have to kill you #WhyWouldI?  #AccustomedToYourFace) – and much to my dismay, it was kind of a bummer.

All literary progress aside, I found that most of the writers there -no matter what their status- were obsessed with their: image, artistic footprint, (style of coffee stained laptop), etc. Put simpler, they were more concerned about what their Legacy would be, as opposed to being absolutely psyched about having the ability to create one at all.

(I’ll stop myself there before I get too judgemental. However, #WTF!)

Now, I would like to tell you guys one thing – by the way- this is 100% opinion, (#ButListenAnyway).

*There is no point in stressing about your legacy.*

Primarily, because it’s not yours to enjoy. Sure, you can be focused, anticipatory, (slightly gassy?), eager, or whatever- but your legacy is not yours to bask in. Furthermore, you should be too busy creating what will be remembered as your legacy to give even the slightest rat’s banana, (#Rat’sBanana #PatentPending), about what it will eventually be.

*Save the speculation for your memoir years.*

What you do is a gift. It’s a skill that most people wish they had the courage, the gall, the time, or the {Insert Circumstance Here}. When you bog yourself down in the “maybe’s” and “what-if’s”, you’re not only insulting those who can not, but you’re taking away from the people who could potentially benefit from your own forward momentum. Knuckle up, buckle in, and GET TO DOING!

The only people who EVER benefitted from perpetual speculation are the Kardashians, (AND THEY JUST GOT CANCELLED!)- be a doer, don’t be a Kardashian, (#Metaphor #PleaseDon’tSendOJ).

Our careers are precious enough to us in the time that we’re lucky enough to live them. Don’t waste moments, (or even more precious writing time)- worrying about what could be.

*Do your best to make NOW count.*

Okay. I’m done ranting.

I know that was more of a “coach in the locker-room”, pep-talk – but it needed some speaking on. Legacy’s are for the dead, and if you’re reading this, it means you’ve still got plenty of work ahead of you. Count that as a win and get to writing.

Don’ worry, I still love you, (#Sometimes). I’ll see you all on Monday for some more left-aligned shenanigans.

Enjoy Your Weekend,

-Antwan Crump.



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