Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Good evening, and happy post- (bad for broken hearts?) Valentine’s Day. Should cupid have been -once again- successful, then that means a bunch of you may have been watched “doing the deed” by a centuries old, flying , man-baby (with a flair for archery- #EvenIfYouWereAlone #Especially). 

Now that you have that terrible visual – let’s begin,

Resolve, (one of the few remixes that P. Diddy didn’t invent. #RapNerd #GoogleIt).

So, I’ve been bouncing around this little planet of ours for quite some time now. Obviously, I’ve seen some good, some bad, (most confusing), and the rest down-right treacherous, (#GreatAgain?)– but what I have found quite joyous is the tenacity of people through it all, (enough of them anyway).

This may come off as a shocker, but I actually do like people. That’s why I take time out of my day, (screaming at the sun), and night (howling at the moon) – to reach out to you wonderful folk.

Now, it’s not lost upon me, that with this fascination comes a cost. That cost is that you get to know people, care about them, (watch them in their sleep), and want the best for them – as you would hope that they want the same for you and themselves as well.

Usually they do, but there is an undeniable lack of resolve present in some, that I find worrisome.

I follow painters, poets, writers, reporters, motivators, (random people with cool jpegs). And then I read what they’re up to.

As usual some good, some bad, and others … well, you’ve bounced around the web before- you know how it goes.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is that there seems to be something broken in people now-a-days. A lack of focus, a lack of drive, a lack of…..damn it, what’s the word again?

*scrolls to top of page*

“Oh, Yea.”


So many dreams, so many dreamers – so little done in the way of achieving them. And don’t get me wrong – I’ve been there before, and I’m not here to rag on anyone. But I’d be lying if I said that “there isn’t a feeling of despair” – when you’re watching someone take steps to achieve their goals – and then suddenly stop.

It’s downright depressing. And again -“I care about people”.

And I’m not some child (throwing borrowed pennies into a water fountain) or anything. I just like to see people succeed.

And Remember,

Success is defined by the struggle on the way to the reward. Not the after.

Then again, maybe that’s just me.

I know that there’s no solution. People have to dance to the beat of their own drum, (and do odd things with flutes). Some will come, some will go, some will rise, others fall ( #HakunaMatata) – and all that jazz.


But it sucks.

I suppose the take away here – is that if you can’t resolve to anything else- at the very least do so in yourself.

The world’s sardonic enough –be naive about something. (or don’t. I’m just venting).

Alright you soldiers of fortune, that about does it for me. I’ll see you tomorrow for more font and text (that sounded dirty).

Give It The Ol’ Midweek Best,

-Antwan Crump.

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