Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Aloha, (Aloha?) – and happy Tuesday my proprietors of penmanship, how goes the week thus far? Should the magic 8-ball have finally struck seven- then the dwarfs have sprouted, and ALL OF OUR ANKLES ARE IN DANGER!

So while we await our inevitable shin torture (#Shinning) – how’s about I spin some yarn consisting of my usual writerly nonsense?

Precursor ( or – The Artist formerly known as Cursor).

It’s a good time to be alive (despite the many, Many, MANY! -reasons that point to the contrary). You may disagree, but I like to view situations for what they may become, rather than what they appear to be at initial conception. (Trees not seeds and all that jazz #NotAWeedReference).

I’ve been a writer for a long time now, so it’s possible that in the course of my storytelling that I’ve reprogrammed myself to see things this way, (a gift that I attribute to my evolved delerium).

I tell you that, to tell you this – the best things are born in times of turmoil or otherwise abrupt change.

As creatives, we’re just crazy enough to harness external insanity , and give birth to something beautiful. Change acts as a Precursor – of great things to come. We creatives are conduits for that shift. (So avoid the pity parties, and get busy).

For those a little lost in the fields of Narnia – I’ll break it down a bit simpler. We use moments. Think of (what you would consider) the greatest piece that you’ve done. What led to that? What were you thinking? What were you going through? Remember it, (go ahead …. I’ll wait) – chances are you were going through some spiritual tectonic change, and the piece that came from that – overwhelmed you so intensely – that it just spilled out of you (#CreativeIncontinence). 

Those are the moments that you should be chasing. Learn to have them, chase them, harness them, (fondle them gently), etc. Be who you were meant to be. Because in times like these – that’s what we need.

And these times (again) – are Precursors for incredible times to come. Not only these macro pandemics, but your personal strife as well – learn to look forward to them. In many ways , it’s life giving you a call to action. Act! (unless you’re the kid that keeps kicking over my trash bins. F–k that guy!).

Creativity is kind of like a drug, in that sense, (oh… This should be good). It works whether or not you want it to – as artists our only job is to know when to take it. ( Huh… That actually was.)

So face down your goals with the tenacity of a dozen storms, (and a tiger). Fear nothing , but stopping (and tigers), and treat every malcontent as a new chapter in your soon to be masterpiece (and if that doesn’t work, at least you’ve got the tiger. #Priorities).

Alright you silly sticks, that’s all I’ve got for you today. Or is it!? ( It is.) I’ll see you all tomorrow – for more punctuation around vowels.

Dominate Your Tuesday

(50 Shades of Grey Style),

-Antwan Crump.

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