Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings my whimsically war-torn warriors of the night (put your samurai swords down, it’s just a nickname) – how goes it? If all has gone as the old monk has predicted -then today’s sun should have two scoops of raisins (for some reason). Failing any other off-road hallucinations- I’m pleased to have you in attendance. (Now that the pandering portion is complete), Let’s begin.

Protocol ( otherwise known as – a word that seems like it should have an e in it).

So, for those of you unaccustomed to my near daily yammerings – you may not have noticed that the last two posts of mine were reblogged from about a year ago,(also, sorry to my regulars who’ve taken notice of that and have spent the last two days kicking their voodoo doll of me in the family jewels). Usually when I do this , it means one of two things : either I was too busy to write something new, or I was in some sort of writer’s block phase, (oh, and lazy – don’t forget lazy) , this time however – it was done with a well thought out (for me anyway) intent.

The length of the pieces notwithstanding; the information (though admittedly marred with grammatical blasphemy) is dense, valid, and imperative to understand for all of you would be writers ( and your little dog too #WizardofOz). So, as I rounded the bases on writing the third installment- I felt it necessary to give you guys and gals a bit of a refresher on the evolving psychosis – that is my take on writing.

Now, to the topic at hand. The if, what, when, (wizard?), and why of Protocol. (You can google the defintion later – but for time’s sake let’s assume I’m right).

I’m never one to put rules on creative things (I mean for Christ’s sake, I talk to myself in the paranthetics) – but unfortunately there is a semblance of a standard when you join a creative field with a vast history of contributors, (like you know…..this one). Luckily enough for us these standards are pretty basic (and fun to tamper with).

With that said, I invite those of you interested to check out my take on some of those annoying necessities here –CLICK THIS! And THEN CLICK THIS!!! – you’ll find that I’m a major hypocrite, but I stand by my hypocrisy (hippopotamus?). In any case, it’s worth a peek (after this of course).

Think of the Protocols that come with writing as a sort of frame work for your future literary experimentation – it always behoves you to know the game before you begin work on advancing it.

“Pish posh, and what not.”

*cooks crumpets*

*puts on two monocles*

Alright team #RhythmNation, (I’ve got some ruminating and brooding to attend to) I’ll see you all before the aliens arrive – for more letters on glass.

Enjoy Your Weekend,

-Antwan Crump.

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