Survive the Holidays

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings my slovenly sterile hoard of ambients (can anyone tell that I’m not exactly the “holiday” guy?). I believe that it’s Tuesday, but I can’t be sure (time escapes me while in vodka’s embrace) so -in lieu of my normal “blah,blah, blah”- here are some tips on how to survive the holidays with a stable blood alcohol level. (For the original Lifehack article click here). Enjoy.

How to Survive the Holidays

The holidays are a time for joy, wonder, love, and cheer. They give us an opportunity to reconnect with family, laugh with friends, and can provide a rare respite from the humdrum of the day-to-day.  

However, they can also give us those awkward moments that we wish we could forget, handle better, or avoid completely. For the fearful of the latter  -I say, “you’re in luck”! Here, I will give you a few tips on how to survive the holidays.


Loved Ones – It’s always exciting to see that family member that you haven’t seen in “forever”, the new additions to the herd, -and of course- the elders in their twilight, it’s truly a beautiful thing. But be aware of everyone equally. Don’t play the priority game with the ones that you love. Be weary of favoritism -provide everyone with the warmness and affection that they deserve. Sure, you may miss a moment or two with your “bestie” – but you’ll gain so much more with the ones that you’d never expected to adore with all your heart. Life is short, so love everyone thusly.

“Not So” Loved Ones – Everyone has a past. There may be a person or two in attendance that you or the collective may not be very fond of. Remember, it’s the holidays. That individual(s) has dealt with the separatism for long enough. Extend your heart to them. If they rebuke the gesture, it’s okay -but never underestimate the power of love pitted against repudiation.


Host – It’s never easy hosting a party. The stress mounts, the bar raises, and everyone seems to be unappreciative. The trick here is, to acknowledge that most of the attendants are simply happy to be invited. They’ve come because they trust in your abilities as a host -abilities that you’ve proven yourself capable of transcending. There is no need to worry or over-reach, they’re the ones whose job it is to impress you. Give it your best effort and everyone will follow suit.

Attendee – Etiquette is the key ingredient to participating in a successful gathering. Mind your manners, dress according to code, and obey the “unwritten rules” that you do everyday. No one enjoys a show-off and everyone hates an isolate. Find your niche’ and be that. Use your strengths as a person -to commit to the success of the event- not its’ detriment. You’re an attendee -not a judge- act accordingly. Complementing the host is not required (though it is highly encouraged).


Social – If you’re a social butterfly, then you are allowed to fly free (but not without some assistance). It’s never okay to gossip, mock, or “stir up the pot”. If you’re bored, find someone interesting, talk to them -chances are that they’re bored as well- just don’t do anything regretful. Gatherings can tend to bring out the worst in people, this is not the time to give an expose’. Use your powers for good! Connect the room. Whether you’re loud, angry, miserable, frustrated, etc – these people love you- find a way to bridge that gap, love them back -with the best of you.

Non-Social – You’ll be seen as the outcast -this is a positive. This is your chance to break out of the rut. For {insert reason here} you feel as if you don’t connect with the people that you’re “forced” to see. But you have to understand -the tables of reality are turned.  Here, they wish to see you. The holidays are a happy time. Your goal is, to show them what makes you happy. Maybe, everyone won’t love it -but some will- and you’ll always have that connection.


Talker – “Shut Up!”

Non-Talker – “Speak Up!”

(Sorry. I needed to lighten the mood.)



Big Family – The joy is simply having the company that you never knew you had. Embrace the people that you may never see again. It’s the little things in life that count. Some people are seasons -endure the weather and find it’s beauty.

No Family – Enjoy the solitude that offers you an unrelenting peace. Endure what ails you and respect the things that you’ve chosen to love. This is your time to reflect, to improve, to change the world. Every day is your opportunity. Grasp it with passion and undeniably succeed.

Happy Holidays,

-Antwan Crump.

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