Curbs Enthusiasm

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Happy weekend my squad of sultry synths “tenderly playing the endless song of hope in the moonlight” (you can use that, I TOTALLY DID NOT steal it from a love song *crosses fingers*). Well, as those of you who enjoy hearing my lovely voice each week have probably realized (dude, like 5 people -stop ego-tripping), I was forced to skip the podcast yet again this week (I am actually sorry about that. #ClownTears). But never fear – everything should be back in top form after the holidays (*prepares for Turkey War 2016*).

Yep boys and girls, I’ve decided that in order not to completely destroy my NaNoWriMo progress (or go all kablooey with the other things that I’ve got going on) , that I’d have to get ahead of it all ( before THEY show up).

*1990’s advertising voice* 

“What this means FOR YOU!”

*points finger at no one*

*acknowledges loneliness*

*curbs enthusiasm* (did you like what I did there?)

(Okay, I’ll stop.) Assuming that most of you will be doing the same pandering to your familial chains as I will – my temporary lightening of posts shouldn’t be too much of a drag. However, I do understand that some of you have gotten used to Sir-Mix(Drinks)-A- Lot, so I’ll be popping in with semi-regularity with some of my classic “know-hows”, “do-whats”, and general buffoonery (albeit to a lesser extent). Besides, I know that there are only two weeks left to NaNoWriMo, and I’d be remiss not to cross the finish line with you.

*drags you by the keyboard*


And for those of you who just enjoy checking in on my latest ramblings, I’ll be here to provide you with some (especially after Thursday), much-needed relief and giggles as well. For the days that I miss -CHECK OUT THIS PUPPY!

Image result for puppy

Huh? Nice right? His name’s Q-Tip. (lol, just kidding – I don’t know his name. BECAUSE I STOLE HIM). Alright, I didn’t -but look how happy you are now #smileyface.

Anyway, I’ve got some surprises in store for you guys (gals, anarchists, Vulcans: however you self-identify #equality), so please bare with me -and stay tuned.

Papa’s got to go to work now *grabs briefcase*

Enjoy your weekend,

-Antwan Crump.


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