The Deep-End

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and happy Monday my fair-trade tyrants- tenuously typing titles. How was your weekend? Did you come back fully intact like I asked? Of course not, (whatever 9 toes, I warned you). Although if you did come back fully intact, hurry up and cut a toe off so that no one else feels self-conscious. (The funny thing is that I’m kidding – but I KNOW at least one of you considered it #peerpressure.) Anywho.

So, as you know (because I’ve been basically beating you guys over the head with it) , I’ve been expanding. For those of you who missed my post yesterday , check it out and come back. (Briefing). You all caught up pumpkin? Good, moving forward.

Apparently, I’m pretty entertaining. By the way, I’d be beside myself if I didn’t say “thanks” to you guys who are sticking it out with me (you’re attracting other sheep) *maniacally twiddles fingers* (Eww, not in the creepy farmer kind of way). As I was saying, I was surprised at the quick response to

As I was saying, I was surprised at the quick response to The Writer’s Block Podcast. To be honest, I thought I was getting (#Punk’d), a bunch of people just jumped on it. I’d be lying if I said that I was anything less than grateful.

Okay, I’m a little ungrateful, because now that’s more fucking work I’ve got to do, *stares at dusty Playstation* (“Et tu Brute?”) *notices your confused face* (Seriously???? READ A BOOK!) In all honesty, though I’m fine with it, though it’s going to require a little finesse on the ol’ homefront.

As I said before I’m attempting to stick so some semblance of a schedule. But I’ll figure it out. I SHAN”T DISAPPOINT THE ALLIANCE!! (By the way, are you guys cool with being called the alliance? Ah, fuck it. You’re the alliance.)

Well, it looks like Sir-Drinks- A – Lot, has pretty much got his work cut out for him, again – I’m not complaining- just saying that there will come a time when I call upon you for a favor (for a couple of you – a sexy favor). Okay, okay – I won’t ( *whispers* “Soon”). That being said, the blog format may be a little shaky this week. I’ll do my best to make sure that you guys hear from me every day (except Sunday, because….I mean even Jesus- takes a nap that day).

To open source the issue – I’m basically trying to organize what days I do what. Podcasts are Fridays. I’ve still got short stories, book releases, guest posts, writing advice, and obviously one’s like this (where I’m just dicking around with a keyboard. #essential ).

(*Hippy Voice* “It’s all gravy man”). I’m actually happy that this is going well. For the first time in a while, I’m excited and eager to see what happens. For the writers in the bunch, I guess the take away is – stop hesitating, stop questioning yourself, and just jump into the deep-end.

The Waters Fine,

-Antwan Crump.


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