Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Happy Saturday- my morning breath brethren. Just stopping in for a moment to catch you up on a few things. For those of you who missed it, I’ve continued my weekly podcast, “The Writer’s Block Podcast” – if you click the link it will take you there. I’d like to thank everyone who’s given it a listen and I hope that all of you check it out – I’ll be releasing one every Friday.

Second, I’ve also begun a strict writing regimen (I’ll likely be getting into that more during this week of blog posts), so for those of you here for dick jokes – bare with me (and get on the bed). Yep, I’m a bit in need of structure (*stares at empty vodka bottles* )- so this is what happens. If it all goes well, we’ll come out with a few good tales, lessons, and times (You still on the bed? Good, get naked).

Lastly, (and this is soooo not my style but) feel free to comment, ask questions, or even just drop some suggestions. I have no problem being your one man army, but it’s more fun when you guys are in the trenches with me. (#SadBoner).

Anyway, as most Saturday posts are – I’m going to cut this one short- so that you can all indulge in your various addictions.

Enjoy your weekend, and at least try to come back with all of your fingers and toes.

See you Monday,

-Antwan Crump.

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