Giving In

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Aloha, my imminently deluded delegates. Welcome to the start of yet another mid-summer nights week. (Possibly the last – assuming the Mayans were a little off). In either case, let’s get down to business.

Giving In – (known in the Kardashian household as “just release the sextape  already”).

So for those of you who haven’t been keeping up (you fickle douches), I’m already tired of the summer. The sheer lack of activity (concerning career momentum), is a pain in the ass. As I’ve complained before, everyone’s off in la la land- procrastinating until (I can only assume), late August.

With that burdened reality I said to myself “Fuck it. I’ll take a break too.” After about three days of Netflix and vodka (and some other stuff that’s legal in Amsterdam), I felt myself drifting slowly back into my post novel rut.

I’d been keeping up with the blog, but my drive was fading. Surely, I couldn’t continue this way (especially not with my dog staring dissentingly in my direction). So after I banished her to the backyard, I did some soul -searching.

What’s happening? I thought, (as my dog cursed me out from outside). Why couldn’t I -like my peers- just sit still and enjoy the nothingness? Void of an answer, I started typing. Low and behold creativity flowed from my mind, like excrement from a sewer pipe ( visual enough for you?).

The fact was that I wasn’t ready to rest, and that no amount of inebriation (or porn), could quell the shouting voices in my mind (I may be schizophrenic). So, I kept writing -until my fingers went numb.

Surpisingly enough, it was the happiest I’d been all summer (or at least since that random incident with an amateur porn star. She was uhhhhhh, nice 😃), I’m getting off track here.

The reason that I’m telling you this, is not to ramble. It’s to share with you the idea that sometimes life works in a different time zone than your creativity.

Sure, it can be frustrating when things move independently of your own pace. Hell, take it from experience -you may even want to gauge out your own eyes (don’t do that, I need readers), but don’t allow the discomfort to effect your personal progress.

Admittedly, I may not be the poster child for sane or reasonable advice, but if you do take a lesson from me -allow it to be this. If you stay ready, you never have to prepare.

Maybe you’ve been sending out scripts, propositioning a novel, articles, even job applications -as long as you focus and dedicate yourself to being more, and being better -especially if life seems inactive- when your time comes, if you’ve been building -you’ll meet and surpass success (Besides, you never know when your well will dry. There are few worse fates than being presented opportunity and being unprepared to meet it in kind).

Keep that constant drive and failure becomes less probable, while possibility will thrive -you’ll simply have to meet the challenge of allowing life, to be life. It’s unpredictable but your readiness doesn’t have to be.

Though the world may seem paused, it does not give you license to falter as well. Give in to your talent. All of the stagnancy in the world can’t stop you -as long as you refuse to be stopped.

Back to work,

-Antwan Crump.

P.S. Don’t worry, I let my dog back in the house. She’s currently getting a belly rub. Later, gators.

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