The Boondocks


-They Shootin’-

{Theme Song}



  • [Interior – The Freeman home. Riley and Grandad watch a news report about yet another black citizen -gunned down by the police. Huey walks into the room unaware of the report. Riley and Grandad a leant forward on the couch; visibly angered.}



News Announcer: That marks more than two dozen incidents of deadly encounters between police officers and members of the black community. This is truly another sad day in a year that’s been riddled in tragedy. {The camera pans away from the television and toward a stunned Freeman family.} In lighter news, the weather seems to be great on this beautiful July morning. For more, we turn to Sam with the weather.


[The weatherman enthusiastically gives the forecast. Riley beats up a pillow.]


Riley: [while hitting the pillow and holding back tears] Again! These no good, f–kin’, five o, snitch niggas. Again!


Grandad: Riley! Boy if you don’t stop beating up my good furniture, I’ll give you something to cry about. [Grandad grabs his belt.]


Riley: [Riley stops.] Grandad, you gon’ tell me that this don’t make you mad? Twenty people. They killed twenty people. [Riley wipes tears from his face.] We just supposed to lay down and let this happen? Fine. Then beat me. I don’t care. [Riley pouts on the couch with his arms crossed.]


Grandad: Boy! I…. [Grandad releases his bet, and leans back into the couch next to Riley – clearly dismayed- and continues to watch the news.]


News Announcer: [voice over] In the wake of the recent shooting, citizens have gathered far and wide to protest the recent killings of several black men. [The television shows flashes of several Black Lives Matter gatherings – including Woodcrest.]


[Grandad and Riley watch -enamoured. Huey retreats to the backyard amidst their growing enthusiasm.]

Riley:  You see Grandad! [Riley points to the television] That’s where we should be! Out in the streets, making a difference! [Grandad is reserved].


Grandad: Now Riley, violence never answered anything. If we were to go down there we’d just be adding to the…

{A busty protester is interviewed. Grandad is immediately infatuated.}


Protester: And unlike the police; we don’t discriminate. Any and everybody willing to support a righteous cause is welcome. Please come help us stop the murder of our brothers and sisters. [she spoke in a breathy and sumptuous voice. Grandad only noticed her pronounced cleavage.]


Grandad: AAAGAWAHHH!!!! Ooookayyyyyyy….. [ Stricken with love, Grandad lusts at the screen]


Riley: Grandad? [Uncomfortable, Riley leans away from Grandad on the couch]


Grandad: Well! [Invigorated, Grandad rushes up from the couch, puts his hat on, and searches for his keys] As a former and current protester, I would be remiss to ignore this righteous opportunity. [Grandad says with false dignity].


Riley: Yea!! [ Riley jumps, with one fist up].


{Grandad leaves the house while saying}


Grandad: And besides, this will be a chance for you two to learn something about justice.


Riley: Huey! We’re leaving. [Riley closes the door behind him]




{background music}


[Exterior: Huey sits on the swing in the backyard, with his head down – contemplating the new information. Jazmine approaches, with two ice cream cones.]


Jazmine: Hey, Huey! [she says – as innocently as ever]


[Huey remains in meditation -unresponsive]


Jazmine: My dad said that he has to go down to the mall to “settle some business” so now I’m here with you. [Jazmine sits in the swing beside Huey and extends him the second ice cream cone to him] My mom thought you’d like this. She saw your Grandpa and Riley leave. [ Jazmine smiles. Huey accepts the ice cream cone.]


Jazmine: [swings gleefully beside him] So what’s going on in that brain of your’s today? [ she kicks and swings – staring at the sky].


Huey: [stares quietly at the ice cream cone as it drips onto his hand.] What isn’t/


Jazmine: Huey? [still swinging] Do you ever think that you think too much?


Huey: No.


Jazmine: I do. [still swinging] Maybe if you thought a little less you’d be happy?


Huey: [Huey drops the ice cream cone. Stunned, Jazmine stops swinging.] Happy? [he speaks stoically] You think there’s happy?


Jazmine: [nervously responds] Yes. Of course, there is.


Huey: [angered] Eric Garner, 43 – death by chokehold. Philando Castile, 32 – shot for abiding by the law. Alton Sterling, 37 – DEAD! For selling an obsolete product. Michael Brown! Jonathan Sanders! Jeremy McDole!


Jazmine: Accidents happen! [she says… afraid]


Huey:  Trayvon Martin! [Huey stands and punches the tree]


Jazmine: Huey?! [she says concerned]


Huey: [holding back his rage] Hunted. Left to die like cattle, while that man walks free. [Huey breathes deeply] I need to go.


Jazmine: Huey!


[Huey leaves the backyard and walks aimlessly down the road.]




{background music}


 [Grandad and Riley walk into the parking lot – where a Black Lives Matter rally is being held. Al Sharpton speaks is heard in the background, as Riley and Grandad survey they masses of angry protesters.]


Al Sharpton: And this, systemic tyranny will not go unpunished. Too many years, we’ve been oppressed. Too far we’ve come – to go back to the chains from which they brought us here. Justice will prevail [the crowd roars] ! Justice will see us through! [cries echo through the crowd ] Justice is our salvation!. And God will see us through! [The crowd chants “No Justice, No Peace!]


Riley: [waving at Al Sharpton] Al! Al! Bumbaye, nigga! [noticing the tension, Grandad instantly regrets his decision. However, seeing Riley’s passion – he cautiously walks with him toward the podium – where Al Sharpton speaks] No Justice! No Peace! No justice! No peace!


Grandad: Come here now, boy! [as Riley tries to slip away, Grandad grabs him by the shoulder].


Riley: No justice! No Peace! [frustrated he turns back to Grandad] Come on, Grandad we-


[a gunshot zings through the air. An army of police officers approach]


Lead officer: This is an unlawful gathering. Disperse now or EXTREME measures will be taken to ensure your cooperation. [The crowd stand still. The offices are given shields and throw tear gas.]


Riley: [coughing] Grandad, what do we do? [Worried, Grandad picks Riley up, and runs away from the congregation – [which is now engaging with the police officers.]


Al Sharpton: My people! Please! [Al Sharpton is taken off stage. Grandad flees with Riley – out of the plaza.]


[Running – Riley and Grandad are approached by a Latino man.]


Pedro: My friend, why are you running?


Grandad: Why am I running! These God damned crackers are going to kill us.


Pedro: Oh! That’s no good. Come. Follow me. [Grandad and Riley hesitate. They follow as police cars drive by them. Pedro escorts them to the nearby plaza – where hundreds of Hispanics are also holding a peaceful protest.]


Riley: [The two follow Pedro] Grandad, what the hell are we doing? We need to be back there! Fighting the man! [pulling on Grandad’s arm]


Grandad:  [pulling Riley] Boy you tryna get us killed? We gonna’ follow this nice Mexican man and keep our necks from getting lynched.


Pedro: Tio, I’m Chilean.


Grandad:  Whatever, same ocean.


[Pedro is annoyed, but leads the two to safety]


Grandad:  [approaching the crowded lot] What is this?


Pedro: We’ve been gathering here for months. Some of us enjoy this country – and would like to stay.


Grandad: But all of you are legal right?


Pedro: [sadly responds] Not necessarily. But we are American none the less. [The camera surveys the crowd of varied Latinos] For the most part, we are hard working taxpayers. Many of us ran from our mother country in search of freedom. For a time we found peace. Now-a-days we fear that peace may have abandoned us. So we fight – to ensure that this country keeps its’ promise.


Riley: [Two younger Hispanic children run gleefully around Riley] Grandad! We gotta get outta’ here before we get deported. [pointing at Pedro] Excuse me Mr. Spanish man, we’ve got to go!


Grandad: Boy! [gestures to hit Riley]


Riley: What!? They shootin’ niggas a few feet away! What do you think is going to happen when they catch Enrique Iglesias over here? [Grandad is silent. Grandad looks at Riley, then at Pedro].


Pedro: No worries here sobrino. [Pedro smiles]. We’ve got a permit.


[Stunned Riley and Grandad are quiet, as gunshots and screams are heard from the neighboring plaza.]


Grandad: So, you’ve got any food. Burritos, tortito’s? Maybe… [Grandad ponders his mental list of Spanish cuisine] Nachos?


Pedro: [laughing] Sure, if you want. We also have burgers and wieners. [Pedro steps aside – revealing a barbeque grill – filled with hotdogs and burgers.]


Grandad: [gaulking] That’ll do it. [a woman’s voice is heard screaming “My son” from the next plaza] Two please. [Grandad grins – cheapily]




[background music]


[Camera pans down – to show Huey walking down the street- in a black hoodie. Police officers pull up beside him.]


Officer #1: [car slows down next to Huey. Officer #1 rolls down window.] Hey, son what you doing?


Huey: [Says subtly, Still walking with his head down and his hands in his pockets.] Breathing. Is that a problem?


Officer #1: Take it easy, kid. [he smiles, looks to his partner, then back at Huey.] We’re the good guys.


Huey: [still walking as the police follow] I’ve heard different.


Officer #1: [Clearly upset] Hey kid! What’s that supposed to mean!


Huey: [still walking] Would you rather hear about the systemic breakdown of the black community courtesy of the broken legal system, [Huey stops walking and glances at Officer #1] or that I have drugs in my pocket?


Officer #1: What was that!? [Huey removes his hands from his pockets, and stands steady]


Huey: Go ahead! Do it! I’m not scared of you!

Officer #2: [as Officer #1 exits the vehicle] George! Take it easy. [Officer #2 exits the patrol car as well- following his partner]

Officer #1:  On the ground! [Huey complies as Officer #1 pats him down] He’s clean.


Officer #2: Alright, let’s go.


Officer #1: We still shouldn’t leave him out here. All these riots. Kid might get hurt. [he says sternly] Where do you live kid?


Huey: [stands and fixes his clothes] a few blocks away [gesturing down the road]


Officer #2: [smiles] Well let’s get you home. [Huey enters the vehicle. The officers get in as well and start driving.]



[background music]

[camera pans down – past trees- and into the cop car]


Officer #1: [after moments of awkward silence] I’m sorry kid. I shouldn’t have yelled at you.


Officer #2: [joking] Yea, my partner here has been all butt hurt since the divorce.


Officer #1: Shut the hell up, Rick! [looks to Rick, then to the backseat where Huey sits angry – with his arms crossed] It’s more than that. [camera shows flashes of the police altercation with the Black Lives Matter protesters] All this violence. [Officer #1 looks out of the window. Huey listens attentively] They don’t prepare you for it, kid. It gets to ya’ you know. [Huey relaxes] The constant rules, regulations, warnings. It’s chaos out there. [camera shows flashes of gunned down officers] Most of us just want to help people. That’s why we do this you know? [camera shows Grandad and Riley laughing and enjoying a burger with Pedro] We’re not trying to hurt anyone. We’re just trying to keep this country safe. [camera pans back into the vehicle] It’s hard being the bad guy all time.


[The three are silent]


Officer #2: What in god’s name is this? [Uncle Ruckus is frantically waving a “White Lives Matter” picket sign in the middle of the street] Jesus!


Uncle Ruckus: [the officers pull over in front of him] Officers! I’m so glad you’re here. Them niggas’ is protestin’ across the way ova’ there. [Uncle Ruckus Puts the sign down, and approaches the driver side window.]


Officer #2: Sir, I’m going to need you to step away from the vehicle.


Uncle Ruckus: Oh, no problem officer. Happy to serve. I just wanted to warn you [Uncle Ruckus notices Huey in the backseat] Ohhhhh!!!! You already got one. Good. Way to do your duty officer, I’m glad you got one of those street monkeys in custody!


Officer #1: We’re taking him home.


Uncle Ruckus: Home? Niggas ain’t got no home. Their home is discipline. Chains and discipline. [Uncle Ruckus moves to the back window and stares at Huey] Look at him! All confined, and I’ve never felt safer.


Officer #2: Sir, step away from the vehicle.


Uncle Ruckus: Okay officer, okay. [Uncle Ruckus puts his hands up]


Officer #1: I’m gonna’ search him. [Uncle Ruckus looks nervous] On the ground!


Uncle Ruckus: Officer, I ain’t do nothin’. [Uncle Ruckus flails on the ground while the officers search him.]


Officer #1: Stop resisting!


Officer #2: I’m gonna’ have to taze him. [Huey slowly exits the vehicle.]


Uncle Ruckus: [screaming] He’s getting away!


Officer #1: [wrestling with Uncle Ruckus] Call for backup! [Huey runs through the bushes – away from the scene]




[Huey walks up the steps,as he’s about to open the door – Grandad and Riley pull into the driveway]


Riley: [jumping out of the passenger seat] Huey! You missed it! We went down to the mall, and the cops were like “On the ground!”. But you know me, I ain’t go out like no bitch – so I was like “make me officer!”, and they pulled they guns out. I was like “Yea, whatever”. Then this El Chapo type nigga took us to his crew and the cops was like, “Nah, we can’t mess with that!” And I was like “what up tho!?” Shit was gangsta!


Grandad: [approaching the two] Riley!


Riley: Oh. Sorry Grandad. Shit was cool. [Grandad looks at Riley angered. They all enter the home]


Grandad: So what you do today Huey? [Grandad turns on the television.]


[Footage of a Trump rally is shown]


Trump -on the television-: So I wanna’ say for all of you that love me, and those who will – that I happily accept the office of Commander- in- Chief. Let’s make this country; Our America! Great Again!


Huey: [after worried hesitation] Nothing.


[camera pans out]

[closing theme music]


By: Antwan Crump.

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