UpHill 3: Chasing the Dragon.

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Salutations my creatively invested Warhol automatons (that’s right, Campbell’s soup cans and all). Well, it’s Hump Day here in the matrix, which means your halfway through a good week, ( or barely through a shitty one). In either case, it’s time for round three of my thoughts on the uphill battle that is a career in writing.

The Chase- So I’ve been doing this for a while. Though I’ve had some minor success, I’m fully aware of the long road ahead. It is that fundamental awareness that causes me to reach out to my peers big and small – in an attempt to better understand what struggles may lie ahead or that we’ve overcome. (As much as I hate to admit it, I don’t know everything- just most things.)

It’s in those dozens of conversions that a universal truth has become clear to me. All writers (and creatives in general), are basically drug addicts.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean drug addicts in the traditional sense ( though that correlation could also be argued), I mean it in the sense that we are all chasing some kind of dragon. ( For those unfamiliar with the term, it means to chase an impossible height and/or high.)

Every writer is seeking that perfect story. We strive for the creative ability to tell that story in the perfect way -that can only be told properly through the vessel that is our unique artistic genius. Noble aspiration , albeit for naught.

The gift and the curse of being a writer is that, the more we write, the better we get. The better we get, the more we experiment. The more we succeed in our experimentation, the higher we set our goals. So you see, it isn’t that we can’t meet our goals- it’s that they aren’t finite.

*Sidenote* – they shouldn’t be. Having a goal become a moving target is what gives us the desire to strike it accurately. The curse of this is that the instant we succeed, we’re focused on hitting an even more difficult one. It’s a catch 22, but it’s the life-blood of our craft.

So we chase or goals manically, at times we may even get lost in the pursuit, just remember this fact -should you need to dig yourself out.

As an artist, you’ve no doubt heard the dissenters, the naysayers, and their inconclusive fear mongering about your career choice. But I give to you this idea – you were destined to chase this dragon , and only you were built to attempt such a feat.

I don’t believe that writer’s are made. In fact I believe that they are selected before they’ve ever even touched a space bar. We’re a select group, built solely for the chase- because we know how to endure it, and bring back gems.

If you’re ever in doubt just remember YOU ARE PART of the ELITE. Be proud of that. Most people hate what they were put here to do. You have the luxary of being a word addict.

*sniffs dust off keyboard*


-Antwan Crump.

P.S. If you guys wanna read something creepy, check this out – The Dissociation of Mitchell Hurd. Enjoy and happy trails.


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