Let’s Comment! – (Insert Something Relevant).

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

What do you want to talk about? I’ve got plenty. But, I’m curious about you *raspy sorority voice*. Let’s have a WORD BANG!!!!! Comment version -of course, (we DON’T need another Cosby).  Let’s go, you introverts!

-(I’ll regret this.) Please speak your minds. ( I won’t moderate.)

-Antwan Crump.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Comment! – (Insert Something Relevant).

  1. Something relevant … Okay well I as a proud introvert am trying to make it my goal to actually comment on post I like or make me think on WordPress. I like conversation though I’m bad at it online. I guess I’m trying to work on my virtual social skills.

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  2. Ha ha I am introvert I will admit.. although I must say I am pretty pleased with myself for commenting and making friends with people here on wordpress.. must count as some sort of “progress”… (?) But hell, I dont wanna be talking bout myself only, so I will use this opportunity to rant a bit at WordPress… (I hope that is allowed and that they dont ban me, lol). WP is sort of punishing me for going self hosted, I feel… now when my blog posts show up in the Reader, people can not comment on them without actually clicking their way onto my website.. 😾 sucks big time cause plenty of ppl just think “Oh she deactivated comments, oh well”.

    Sorry bout the mini rant but hey you asked. 😁 Hope all is well with you!

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    1. SURVIVEDNARC, I can always depend on you 🙂 . Your progress is EXCELLENT. No, WordPress actually allows free speech (watch this. FUCK WORDPRESS, FUCK WORDPRESS, FUCK WORDPRESS). You see? It’s actually kind of fun – (sorry, I’m gonna do it again) *clears throat* FUCK WORDPRESS!!!!! (it’s addictive). You’re not being punished. Every evolution requires adaptation. If you didn’t have that, you wouldn’t evolve. Consider your struggle as a minor mishap and move past it. The compliment of hardship – is that it knows you can beat it.

      Btw , I’m good. Thanks for asking, You?

      -The Writer.

      P.S. – If you provide a direct link to your site it will circumvent the issue. Your fans will follow you, don’t stress it. 🙂


      1. Ha ha 😂 Fuck wordpress oh yes. I figured out how to do that excerpt and link BS so now I’m all good. They ain’t nevah gonna keep me down! 😉 Have a greet weekend! 🌷⚘🌸

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