Dear World, Please Kill Me

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

This isn’t writing advice, (it may never have been , depending on your outcome) – I suppose you could call it a testament (or theory, if you’re not religious). I’ll admit that it has been triggered by the massacres – in all of our countries. I don’t believe that makes my feelings any less valid, or at least it shouldn’t.

We’re in a time of hate, anger – maybe. Are we? Who hates who anymore? Who’s the enemy? Does anyone know – or, are we swinging for the fences in our irrationality? I don’t hate you. In your heart of hearts, you don’t hate me either. So what is it? Why the onslaught of insanity? Why the constant negative thought? I believe, that I can provide an answer- if you’re willing to listen (and/or read).

We’re Angry – Why are we angry? The world has been built to make us that way. The world is no longer a happy place ( I don’t truly think it ever was). We are the children of absurdity. We are the children of the unknown. We are the offspring, of fear.  We need problems to solve – or at least we, think we do. I’m not disconnected (in a way, aren’t we all, though?) I’m just thinking on a page.

Let’s assume it starts here. Anger. Distrust. Association. Dissociation. Social media., All of these things swirl around – uncontrolled. That’s good. We need a voice/voices. Good, but it’s bad too. You can’t propagate, and think “there will never be an extremist’ – you simply can’t. There will be monsters, it comes with the territory.

My thought is simply –isolate what it is you’re saying, and who you’re saying it too- how many people need to die because you won’t shut your mouth? How many people act because you open it?  Think. Respond accordingly. Speak accordingly. And, this isn’t an attack, and if it’s perceived as that, then it’s an – attack, on media’s attack, on all of us.

Life is not a ratings -game. Don’t let your bosses tell you otherwise. Don’t encourage anger, through propagation. When you do that you  encourage psychopaths (Side note – psychopaths are not created, they’re born. Speak on how to fix that). Be better.

We’re Scared– Yes, you in the sweater vest and you in the checkered lumberjack shirt (you think the same), are friends -this moment – we all are. Stop the grocery store arguments, bathroom rantings – STOP all of that. People are dying. Focus. Focus. FOCUS. The enemy is born, from our fear. When you spread that fear to your children, you’re creating  a monster (if they embrace that embedded thought, we’re all in danger). Teach them to understand. Teach them to endure what makes them uncomfortable. Teach them to accept it. We’ll all be better for it.

We’re Sad– I’ve always hated that my family was so unemotional. No greatness was good enough. What I didn’t see, was that – they were preparing me for life (albeit, harshly). Emotion has no place in war. Make no mistake, we are in war – a new (but familiar), one. We’re at war with ourselves. Our values. Our world.

We’re confused, so we’re reacting. We’ve been through this before. SIT DOWN! THINK!   Actually, stand behind what you say – or don’t say anything.

Yes – I get it. People want answers. The wrong answer is not an answer, neither is the fastest – it’s just a response. Responses are the first ingredient in regret. Don’t respond. Answer. Think about that -before you react. Uncontrolled reaction, IS A CATALYST FOR DESTRUCTION!

I’d like to NOT destruct.

We Heal – We rebuild. Do I really need to say more?

I want it better – for EVERYONE,

-Antwan Crump.

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