Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, my approval seeking aristocrats. Hope that the weeks been smooth sailing for you all. 

SoRejection – that thing that’s better left forgotten, like an awkward encounter, or this photo of Bill Cosby



Let it go. Seriously! We’re moving on.

As creatives we deal with out fair share of let downs. From a bad review, to being passed over for a place in a lit-mag/site- and so on.

A lot of people like to gloss over this arduous part of the process, the fact remains however, that without it, we can never be molded into the most perfect version of our creative selves as we could be.

I get it. I truly do. You painstakingly push yourself to edge of sanity- now a top your own doubt and (I’m guessing viscious) self criticism , you are faced with something that you essentially interpret as a sign to quit. Though this hurts, it’s absolutely normal.

Let’s think of it from a practical standpoint. Facts are facts – you’re not the only one. For every moment you’ve put into building yourself as an author- there is someone that has doubled, tripled, and even fourpled (Not a word. I know. Shut up.), that effort. That’s called competition. This is a competitive field.

Does this mean they’re better than you? Not exactly. Does this mean you should quit? Absolutely not. Does it mean you’re not good enough? Possibly, but it’s up to you to improve. My point is , that a rejection on the surface – means very little more than a friendly suggestion for you to try harder.

Now the true dagger in the heart of the writer -pertaining to rejection- is the internal damage that we can inflict on ourselves.

Initially yes, it will be depressing. But just as you did with all that time writing, rewriting, and editing – you have to learn to push through it. Dont allow your inner critic to gut-punch you, when you should be inspired to be better and try harder -than the next writer.

Go for a walk. Have a drink. Socialize. Do whatever you have to do to get that blackness out of your ambition, and then come write back and hit it again. Hit it until it there’s nothing left. Then hit it some more.

Any professional ANYTHING will tell you that the only way to be the best is to train like the best. So don’t give up. Push further. Read what was rejected and (if you were lucky enough to get a critique with the rejection) correct your faults.

*Sidenote: you may also do well studying the publication and/or publishing company , that you’ve been submitting to. Chances are you went for big air-and got shot down because you didn’t “fit their mold”. People are protective of their brand, so make sure it suits you. Do your homework damn it!

Rejection is simply a part of the business. Though it may be difficult to adjust, in time you’ll be as immune to it as you are to helium. So take it in stride and keep getting better.

Rejecting, rejection,

-Antwan Crump.

P.S. – For those of you interested part 6 of The Gun of Crow is now up on the blog. It’s an ongoing flash fiction series that I’m really proud of. Click the link, and take a look, feedback is always welcome. Alright that’s it for now. See ya’ tomorrow word-junkies.

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