Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Happy Monday, my arthritic artisans (the name-calling muses are weary).

Summer is upon us, so you know what that means -PARTY! Just kidding, get your ass back in the chair.

Obviously, you’re working on a project, should that project remain unfinished – gently place your hand on the window- then close the curtains. What’s outside is not for you (commit damn it!).

Clearly, I’m being dramatic -but hear me out you procrastinating fool.

Another day, is just as what’s been promised. Sure you can let loose, but there’s still work to be done (this is where your focus will be tested). Don’t forget that you’ve got a job to do.

If you must run wild in the city, be sure to plan around your project. Even if that means “bringing the hammer down” on your own schedule. We’ve come too far to let a little sunshine distract us.

*Rambles on about commitment, drive, and priorities.*

Rather than chastise you for  (hypothetically) giving me the finger just now, I’ll just give you all a few things to keep in mind:

1.) Yes, you can go out and party (I just know myself). Once I go off track -I’ll essentially become Charlie Sheen – (during his whole “Tiger-blood” phase ). I have to self-nazi myself, if you’re the same , I suggest you activate your inner gestapo. However, if you’re sane enough to juggle work and play – have at it. Just don’t forget your project . It’s way too easy to get lost in your summer (especially when everyone else is).

2.) In either case, make sure you have a plan. Yea, yea, I know you’re a free-spirit, and all, but without guidance, your inner hippy can take over, and lead you astray. I’m not saying to put yourself on a work schedule, but….   put yourself on a work schedule. It sucks now, but you’ll be glad you did later.

3.) Be sure to reward your daily victories. Hit your word count? Completed a chapter?  Actually sat down and did something? Tremendous. Go out and have an adult-pop with some friends. All work and no play -makes Jack a dull boy/girl #equality. Besides, after some time, you’ll be excited to work -even if it’s only for the reward after. Jedi mind trick yourself.

4.) When you do -inevitably leave your authorial dungeon, view the world as a writer. Seek out interesting things and take note. Inspiration can come from anywhere. There are few better feelings than having a journal of idea’s -whether they become jumping off points or full on projects, it’s just nice to see the *puts on king voice*, cup runneth over.

5.)  Consistently put in the work. It will reward you ten-fold come September.

Now by all means, go forth and procreate (or practice doing so).

– Antwan Crump.

3 thoughts on “Summer

    1. Hello. I’m contacting you here because I could not find a way to reach you otherwise. I would very much appreciate if you were to email me -at my email address ( to discuss the possibility of you guest-blogging on my site. I’ve been following your posts for some time, and I feel that your outlook could benefit my readers. I look forward to your correspondence.

      -The Writer.

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