Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Yep, this is happening. Everyone take their consecutive deep breath right now. I’ll start by saying this: CALM THE FUCK DOWN! Are you clear? Good… The hateful people have left. (For my fans, this is a rare departure, but this situation requires a SANE voice. Stick with me. This doesn’t happen often).

#1- These are PEOPLE we’re talking about ASSHOLES. Not aliens. Not PRIESTS (yea, remember them?), and not R. Kelly’s (remembered that nigga too). They are human beings, and should be treated as such.

#2 – This isn’t a debate. You’re a man, Men’s bathroom. You’re a woman, Woman’s bathroom. Done. Stick figure signs do NOT STOP RAPISTS. Society has to stop rape. Transgendered are a part of society. What you hate, may save your child from molestation.

#3 – To the transgendered, you’re weird. Sorry, but you are. America isn’t ready for you yet (they’re still trying to get over our Black President). Hush up, take your punches, live your life – then move the FUCK ON. We need time to accept reality. We shouldn’t, but we do. (Now you understand slavery and its effects. Congrats.)

#4 – I’ll say this  once (and never again) SHIT AND PISS WHERE YOU WANT! A sign NEVER stopped a pedophile. Those people ARE SICK. If you’re really worried, then accompany your child; you half-assed parental FUCK.

#5 – Remember where you came from. Remember what this country represents. It may not be here forever. “Love thy neighbor as you love thyself.”That’s Bible shit, so act right.

Get over your prejudice. It’s 2016. Worry about real things.

-Antwan Crump.

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