Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Good Evening all of my ill-mannered Children of the Corn. I’m not sure if you can tell, but post Becoming Utopia, the blog (among other projects) are now back into full swing. *Sips from the forbidden chalice* #mostlyvodka.

Ah yes, Conformity. The thing that seems “not so terrible”, until you do it and realize you’re 50 years old and have spent the bulk of your productive years as a member of the people you resent -while you rowed patiently beside them-  awaiting the bitter end-half of your existence. (I would say it’s not an insult, but it kind of is.)

So, I  realize that many of the readers of this blog hail from various points of the globe. However, I stand by the relevance of this post. Though I will warn, that you should take this advice in proportion with the severity of your particular social hierarchy (i.e. – no burning down anything assholes, just digest and apply #alloveryourface).

We’re all aware of the social system. Wake up go to (insert oppressive place), gain (insert -money and/or nurtured customs), and of course go back to bed, wake up, and do it all over again. Then you can’t- at which point you become a burden on society until the day they follow through with their revenge and turn you into maggot food. (Harsh but technically true.)

Society likes to bind people to a specific place, as a way of ensuring its’ own survival and promised future. It’s not lost upon me that this is a necessary thing. I mean who really wants to go back to living in caves, in a society free of money, social standing, and religion? (I mean. I do. But then who will run the liquor stores? I don’t want to learn how to ferment shit.)

However, this system tends to overlook the small percentage of people who were put here to develop into something beyond the (for lack of better words) Matrix of it all. A sizeable number of us just want to create and evolve. That group shouldn’t be overlooked -though the tendency is to ignore them until their rich (and/or famous)- that method of dealing with us, can rob society of the very reason we need one to exist.

Imagine if Da Vinci was told he was an idiot, (which assuredly, to many in his time, he was -until of course he became ((look above)) rich and or famous) , but what if he listened to them and stopped?

What if Beethoven, could hear? And all he ever heard was the pestilent yammerings of those who lacked the creative perspective to see beyond the standard they clung to?

I understand. Those without the creative outlook, need to cling to a system of rules and regulations to justify their own shortcomings, that’s not the problem. The problem is born when people are so insecure with themselves, and overly worried about their perceived shortcomings, that their mission in life becomes to silence all those who don’t (or genuinely can’t) adhere to those rules. The disease of limitation is not meant to spread. Most importantly, it’s the ONE sickness, that in all phases of its’ growth -is optional.

Now, I’m aware that none of the people I’m referring to, read this blog. So since it’s just us, I want to urge you to endure the nonsense. At this point, it’s so widespread that one man complaining about it won’t do much.

As a unit, we can do what we were put on this earth to do. That is – to create. Create until there’s nothing left, then find inspiration and create some more. The dream and goal of it all -is and always has been to inspire others. Perhaps with that inspiration, we can convert a few of the conformists, and if we’re lucky- maybe even help them to find the strength to ignore the status-quo- and create themselves.

The system can’t be broken, nor should it. Concurrently it should also not be allowed to exist without some pushback and questioning. That’s how it adapts. That’s how we evolve. Don’t conform, conformity is fear. Conformity is a cell. Our job is to provide the path to freedom, by showing the fearful, that the cell is of their own making.

Longer than usual, but I felt it was necessary to vent about this.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road Dorothy,

-Antwan Crump.

P.S. – For those of you following The Gun of Crow I just added Pt. 5 (you can click the link to get to it.) . Enjoy and happy trails.

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